Ratcheting Chain Binder makes tightening simple and safe.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 7,000–12,000 lb working load limit rating depending on model, QuikBinder Heavy Duty Ratchet Binder features integrated ratchet system and quick switch lever that help facilitate process of tightening chain in order to secure objects. Operator can ratchet down chain on any object to be secured with flip out handle. When unloading, accessible switch can be flipped to release; binder slowly and safely relieves tension on load.

Original Press Release:

Cargo Equipment Corporation Releases New and Improved Ratcheting Chain Binder

Cargo Equipment Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of load/wheelchair securement, tie downs, moving supplies, and ratchet straps has released a new ratcheting chain binder that is now available on their website.  Traditional chain binders come in two two different styles, lever and ratchet.  Both styles work by removing slack from the chain, once it has secured an object, to provide a secure hold during transportation.  Both styles however have their downfalls.  With a lever style chain binder, the operator must secure the load by locking the lever down once it has been attached.  Depending on the load this can be a very difficult process as there is often great resistance.  Releasing a lever binder can be a dangerous task as the instant release of the tension can cause the lever to fly open.  Ratcheting chain binders, although more user friendly, require the operator to reach into the gears and flip a switch that will allow the ratchet to release tension.

The new QuikBinder Heavy Duty Ratchet Binder makes tightening chain a breeze with its easy to use ratchet system and quick switch lever.  The operator can easily ratchet down the chain on any object they are securing with the new flip out handle.  When it is time to unload, the easy access switch can be flipped to release and the binder slowly and safely relieves the tension on the load.  On top of all this, the QuikBinder also has an even higher working load limit rating of anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000 pounds depending on the model.  All in all, the QuikBinder makes the once difficult task of tightening chain a simple and safe procedure. 

Check out the Cargo Equipment Corporation Website for more information or to purchase a QuikBinder Ratcheting Chain Binder.

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