Raritan's Remote Management System on a Chip Gains Momentum

Raritan Shows Industry's First System on a Chip (SOC) for Remote KVM Control of Servers; Also Exhibits ASMI-Compliant Management Module; Solutions Help Customers Reduce IT Management Costs and Increase Productivity --

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26 // -- Raritan, a leading provider of solutions to simplify IT operations, will be showing the KIRA(TM)100 -- the industry's first KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch on a chip solution for remote server access and control -- at this week's Intel Developers Forum.

Helping to accelerate server repair and increase productivity, the KIRA100 enables IT staff to control servers at the BIOS level and attached media from anywhere over the Internet, as well as monitor system health and restart devices. The chip also has a dedicated video controller for faster and higher-quality video resolutions, which is ideal when managing many servers remotely. For Tier-One server and OEM partners, the ASIC-based chip helps save board space and reduces system costs.

In addition to its excellent KVM-over-IP redirection, the KIRA100 provides virtual media support that covers a broad range of mass storage emulation variations -- including virtual-floppy emulation, CD/DVD-drive emulation and, even, direct mass-storage redirection. It also offers advanced features to prevent downtime, such as health management consisting of IPMI2.0-based server hardware monitoring.

According to Swen Anderson, CTO-Raritan Access Products Division, "Automated and standardized remote management of IT infrastructure is one of the key innovations, besides virtualization, in today's IT business, because it enables customers to apply business rules and processes to administer their IT infrastructure. This leads to better IT scalability, IT infrastructure predictability, reduction of IT management costs and, most importantly, leads to higher customer satisfaction."

The KIRA100 supports all key access protocol methods in the marketplace, including IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), SSH (Secure Shell), WS-Management (Web Services Based Management Protocol) and SMASH-CLP (Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware-Command Line Protocol).

KIRA100 is designed to be integrated into server motherboards as a fully featured Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) with KVM-over-IP and Virtual Media functionality. Alternatively, KIRA100-based add-in modules are available to equip servers with KVM-over-IP and Virtual Media support. For this type of application, Intel has defined the Advanced System Management Interface (ASMI). Raritan also will be showing at IDF an ASMI-compliant management module based on the KIRA100.

"With the KIRA100, Raritan demonstrates its unwavering focus on providing a state-of-the-art feature set for best-in-class platform control," said Anderson. "Always-available, secure, remote management over IP has become one of the most important and most critical components of IT infrastructure, as it helps customers to improve the usability and predictability of their IT infrastructure. The KIRA100 SOC is one of the key components to create a fully automated and centralized IT management infrastructure."

About the KIRA100 Single Chip Solution:

The KIRA100 BMC is a fully integrated system-on-a-chip microprocessor, which incorporates all the necessary function blocks and interfaces to provide a complete and cost-effective remote management solution that fits all server management architectures. The KIRA100 is based on a 32-bit, high-performance, lower-power 920T ARM Architecture V4 RISC microprocessor. It is equipped with a media co-processor to accelerate video processing, and a comprehensive set of system and peripheral functions that are useful in a variety of remote management applications. For more on the KIRA100 single chip solution, please visit http://www.raritan.com/embedded.

About Raritan (Raritan.com)

Raritan, based in Somerset, N.J., is a leading provider of products for managing IT equipment and the mission-critical applications and services that run on it. Raritan's highly reliable and responsive IT management solutions - - based on KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches, serial console servers, management software and remote connectivity products -- enable companies to proactively monitor and manage system health and vulnerabilities, as well as troubleshoot, access and repair faults from anywhere, at anytime. This simplifies and accelerates IT management work processes -- both in data centers and at remote branch offices - improving service uptime and staff productivity. Raritan's solutions are used to manage more than 50,000 data centers and other IT sites around the world. Raritan also serves the OEM market by developing advanced, hardware-based, remote-management components based on digital KVM-over-IP and IPMI technologies. Founded in 1985, Raritan today has 38 offices worldwide, and its products are distributed in 76 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.raritan.com/.

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