Rapiscan® Systems ORION™ 920DX, 927DX and 928DX Screening Systems Qualify for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL)

TORRENCE, California, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Air Cargo Security Technology List (ACSTL) is the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) official list of certified, approved and qualified technologies that can be used for air cargo screening. To be deemed Qualified for screening operations devices must undergo a formal TSA-sponsored test and approval process. When procuring a device, the TSA requires parties subject to US regulation to select a device listed on the ACSTL.

The ORION systems offer high-performance scanning and imaging and are intended for baggage, parcels and small cargo checkpoints in aviation, transportation and logistics operations.

Baggage and parcel inspection: The 920DX is a High-Performance 640mm by 430mm tunnel dual view checkpoint screening system.

Large parcel and small cargo: The 927DX and 928DX are High-Performance 1010mm by 1010mm tunnel dual view screening systems. The 927DX has a standard conveyor height, while the 928DX has a low conveyor height.

Running Target and NARCScan algorithms, the 920DX, 927DX and 928DX are designed to assist operators with their efforts to detect a wide range of explosives and narcotic types in real time during the scanning process.

Operators can view images in Classic 4-color format as well as a proprietary Spectrum 4-color (SP4) option, tools that allow operators to more easily identify baggage and parcels that may require additional inspection. This provides a more efficient throughput of passengers and baggage.

Each is also capable of Remote Status Monitoring and Remote Archive Review, allowing operators to view real-time or previously-captured images from a secondary workstation, providing an additional layer of image analysis, threat identification and enhanced security. With the TSA ACSTL qualification, the ORION® series can now be used by the Air Cargo industry in both Europe and America.

"We are very excited that TSA has qualified these products," said Mal Maginnis, President, Rapiscan Systems. "Our teams work extremely hard to create exceptional products which use state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable and effective high-speed screening. We're very proud that our work meets some of the world's most rigorous performance standards."

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