Rapidwrap(TM) Removable Thermal Insulation Covers Now Feature Revolutionary Aerogel Materials

LIT INDUSTRIES, INC., a subsidiary of Pacor, Inc., now offers aerogel insulation material as a filler for their RapidWrap(TM) removable thermal insulation covers. These insulation materials are made from nanoporous aerogels which provide characteristics different from traditional materials. Aerogels are available for service temperatures from -460°F (-273°C) to 1200°F (649°C). They provide two to eight times the insulation value for the same thickness compared to traditional materials. Aerogel RapidWrap covers offer an extremely thin profile which will allow the use of removable covers in tight spaces that previously would have gone unprotected. Aerogels are also hydrophobic, providing outstanding resistance to moisture. They also provide excellent resistance to flame spread and smoke emission.

RapidWrap covers are specifically designed for easy installation, removal, and reinstallation. Featuring a durable outer layer and various closure systems, RapidWrap covers have proven highly durable in the harshest environments. RapidWrap covers are fabricated using field verified dimensions that are translated into CAD generated drawings for a perfect fit every time. Covers can be designed and fabricated for most any conceivable shape or size. The ease with which the covers can be removed and reinstalled eliminates the need to reinsulate for routine maintenance or when repairing equipment problems.

For more information call 704-866-0895, Fax: 707-866-0896, visit www.litnc.com, e-mail custservice@litnc.com or write LIT INDUSTRIES, Inc., 1924 Chespark Drive, Gastonia, NC 28052.

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