RAN Optimizer gives mobile operators network view.

Press Release Summary:

Providing massive multi-technology and vendor-agnostic radio optimization solution, Nova RAN Optimizer uses network equipment call traces and 100% of subscribers' activity to provide automatic detection of RF issues and recommendation of parameter changes. Solution also uses geo-located network data to improve customer experience. Since RAN Optimizer is Centralized SON-ready, it can automatically push recommendations to OSS.

Original Press Release:

Astellia Introduces Nova RAN Optimizer for Automated and Geolocated Radio Optimization

Rennes, France – Astellia, leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, launched today Nova RAN Optimizer to maximize access network performance, while increasing optimization teams’ efficiency through automation.

Growing customer expectations and challenging network dynamics are putting pressure on the Radio Access Network (RAN) in such a manner that almost 80% of quality impacting events occur in the RAN. To provide a seamless user experience, it is therefore extremely important for mobile operators to focus optimization activities on the radio part.

As a result of the integration of Ingenia Telecom’s radio expertise with Astellia’s 15 years of RAN optimization, the Nova RAN Optimizer solution now empowers radio engineering teams with customer-centric geo-location and SON capabilities.

The massive multi-technology & vendor agnostic radio optimization solution uses network equipment call traces and 100% of subscribers’ activity to provide automatic detection of RF issues, recommendation of parameter changes and uses geo-located network data to improve the customer experience. On top of that, Nova RAN Optimizer is Centralized SON (C-SON) ready which means that it can automatically push recommendations to the OSS.

Mobile operators can now gain improved operational efficiency thanks to automated problem detection & parameter reconfiguration, reduce drastically drive tests by 90% by geo-locating every subscriber and target optimization activities on high value locations such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, business centers, roads, airports and high speed train lines.

“Optimize the RAN and you optimize the business. It’s as simple as that, conceptually. However, it takes sophisticated tools to optimize a RAN that simultaneously meets the requirements for customer experience, network performance, demanding real-time applications and operational efficiency,” said Tim McElligott, senior consulting analyst at Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. “Through acquisition and internal development, Astellia has assembled a RAN optimization approach that includes essential capabilities in geo-location, analytics and radio performance monitoring that meets this challenge.”

“Built on Astellia’s unique know-how, Nova RAN Optimizer provides mobile operators with a true end-to-end radio to core network view.” states Frederic Vergine, co-founder and EVP Products at Astellia. “We are very excited to present the immense value of Nova RAN Optimizer at the Mobile World Congress, booth # 6G20 on March 2-5” he added.

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