Rammers compact cohesive and mixed soils.

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Fueled by 3 hp Honda GX100 engine, Model MT-65HA delivers 2,900 lb of impact force on 645-695 bpm. Model MT-74FA generates 3,100 lb of centrifugal force with energy of 3.5 hp Robin EH12 engine. For more demanding applications, Model MT-84FA delivers 3,500 lb impact force on 660-700 bpm. It is driven by 3.5 hp Robin EH12 gasoline engine and travels up to 36 fpm. All models feature 2.1 quart fuel tank, duck bill fuel caps, diaphragm carburetors, and contoured handles.

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New Rammers Cut Vibration, Boost Power

Multiquip's three new gasoline-powered rammers: the MT-65HA, MT-74FA and MT-84FA, are just what contractors need for the premium compaction of cohesive and mixed soils.

The rammers are ideal for use in trenches, around retaining walls, and when solidifying bases for concrete slabs, roads, bridge columns and many similar applications.

All three rammers showcase practical new features most requested by customers, including contoured handles to reduce vibration up to 61 percent. Functional "duck bill" fuel caps and diaphragm carburetors let operators lay down each unit without fuel spills and built-in guide handle retainers prevent over-extension of the handle and subsequent damage to the shock mounts.

The new MT-65HA delivers 2,900 pounds (1,300 kilograms) of impact force on 645-695 blows a minute. Fueled by a 3-horsepower Honda GX100 engine, this rammer weighs 152 pounds (69 kg.). The MT-74FA generates 3,100 pounds (1,400 kg.) of centrifugal force with the energy of a 3.5-horsepower Robin EH12 engine. The rammer weighs 179 pounds (81 kg.) and like the other models in the series, has a 2.1 quart (2 liters) fuel tank capacity.

For the more demanding applications, the most powerful new model - the MT-84F - is good for 3,500 pounds (1,600 kg.) of impact force on 660-700 blows per minute. It is also driven by a 3.5-horsepower Robin EH12 gasoline engine and travels up to 36 feet (11 meters) per minute for fast, efficient soil compaction.

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