RAM FLAT® Compactors & Drum Crushers

Engineered To Meet Today's Environmental Waste Management Needs

For over 40 years, S&G Enterprises, Inc. has designed and engineered RAM FLAT® Compactors to protect both its operators and the environment. Users are able to handle hazardous waste in a safe and cost effective manner utilizing one of the seven RAM FLAT® Compactor models designed to meet their specific application.

The RAM FLAT® Compactor compacts hazardous waste and/or low-level radioactive waste within 55 or 85-gallon drums. With compaction forces ranging from 20,000 to 85,000 pounds, these compactors have proven to reduce waste bulk and disposal costs by up to 90%. The RAM FLAT® Compactor can compact within any type of drum whether metal, plastic, fiber or reconditioned.

While some models are specifically designed for waste compaction within drums, others are engineered to crush 55-gallon drums down to 3 to 7-inch flat metal pancakes. This volume reduction reduces disposal costs and prevents the re-use of contaminated drums. Dual-use models compact waste within drums, then easily convert to a drum crusher with an attachable crushing plate.

Our design engineers have incorporated many safety features for optimum operator protection. These rugged, versatile, high-quality machines are constructed of reinforced steel that completely encloses the drum during the compaction or crushing cycle. Other important safety features include the availability of explosion-proof motors and motor starter, emergency stop functions, remote control operation and an interlocked safety door that prevents operation unless the door is closed and latched.

The RAM FLAT® Compactor is easy to install, operate, and maintain. Users have a choice of three control systems: standard electric in typical work environments, or pneumatic or hydraulic controls where volatile fumes or substances are present.

Optional features include:

· Air Filtration Systems that effectively remove harmful particulate and dangerous fumes.

· The Ram Bottom Lock feature which automatically stops and holds the compaction head at the lowest point of compaction, thereby reducing material "spring-back."

· The Drum Roll-Out Dolly and Platform which allows the operator to easily roll drums in and out of the crushing chamber.

For complete details, write S&G Enterprises, Inc., N115 W19000 Edison Drive, Germantown, WI 53022 or visit our website at www.ramflat.com. For detailed information or questions contact Mark J. Griffith, Product Manager, at 1-(888) RAM FLAT (726-3528) or info@ramflat.com.

For questions regarding this release, please contact Ola Tyshynsky,
Marketing Manager, at ola@ramflat.com or 262-251-8300.

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