Ram Balance System corrects for effects of spindle/ram droop.

Press Release Summary:

Dynamic CNC Ram Balance System automatically corrects for effects of spindle and ram droop when ram/quill of machine are advanced and retracted to programmed positions. CNC controlled system is effective anywhere within machine's working envelope and adjusts ram traverse over Y and Z axis, correcting position and angle of cutting tool. Max deviation is less than 0.00157 in. for ram droop at spindle nose and 0.00048 in./ft over complete ram traverse of 76 in.

Original Press Release:

Soraluce's Patented Dynamic CNC Ram Balance System Breaks New Ground in Milling and Boring Technology

(Rockford, IL - Milling-boring specialist SORALUCE has developed a unique patented Dynamic CNC Ram Balance System which automatically and dynamically corrects for the effects of spindle and ram droop when the ram and/or quill of the machine are advanced and retracted to their programmed positions. This system is effective anywhere within the machine's working envelope which can be up to 280" (7 m) of travel in the vertical axis. It adjusts the ram traverse over the Y and Z axis correcting both the position and the angle of the cutting tool with respect to the horizontal working plane.

Key features of this system:
  • CNC controlled - The system is driven by a numerically controlled (NC) servomotor. It is monitored and measured by the CNC control using an internal scale to confirm the performance of the system.

  • Dynamic Ram Droop Control - In addition to compensation tables in the CNC control for each head, a Heidenhain feedback scale with a servo motor adjustment system is mounted on the ram to provide dynamic real time compensation of ram droop.

  • Balance system - The system works in both positive and negative directions providing compensations for heads in a wide variety of weights and positions.

    Most impressive, this CNC controlled electro-mechanical system, which is carried in the vertical saddle, can also be integrated with the automatic head changing system and is able to dynamically self-correct the true position of the quill/ram for different milling heads that can vary in weight between 44 lbs (20kg.) and a massive 3,500 lbs (1,600kg.) The Ram Balance System guarantees a maximum deviation of less than 0.00157" (0.04 mm) for the ram droop at the spindle nose and 0.00048 in/ft (0.04 mm/m) over the complete ram traverse of 76 inches (1900 mm), with actual results typically below 0.00098 inch (0.025mm) and 0.0003 in/ft (0.025 mm/m) respectively. This system operates independently from the fully-integrated thermal compensation system.

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