Raising the Bar with Rectangular Suction Cup

Rectangular DURAFLEX® suction cup is perfect for handling flow-packed bars of sweets.

An instant success when it was first developed, the rectangular DURAFLEX® RB20x40P suction cup is set to take the flow pack packaging market by storm. Following a six-month period of exclusive use by one of the market's machine builders, the suction cup is now available to the rest of the flow pack industry.

"Our RB20x40P cup was developed specifically for handling flow-packed bars of sweets, but it can of course be used for any small, rectangular flow pack packages. It provides safe and secure handling without damaging either the packaging or its content," explains Josef Karbassi, Vice President of Piab's Automation Division.

Measuring 20 x 40 cm, the cup is ideal for the automated handling of small, rectangular packages. Made in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane, DURAFLEX® suction cups are particularly suitable for handling uneven and porous surfaces. The material's durability and elastic memory increase the life of cups, hence providing a higher return on investment (ROI).

Featuring a relatively firm lip, the RB20x40P suction cup neatly avoids issues often facing rectangular suction cups, such as lips being sucked into the cups, resulting in poor performance. Its firm, yet flexible grip enables the cup to meet the specific demands of the flow pack industry, where it will improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Designed with a single bellows, the cup has a low overall height, making it easy to fit into space-restricted areas. Additionally, in order to provide the correct orientation when installed, the RB20x40P is available with two alternative fittings.

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