Railing System features structural, slip-on pipe fittings.

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Designed to build ADA-compliant handrails for stairs, ramps, and walkways, Series 500 ADA Railing System comes with galvanized Klamp® iron pipe fittings to provide contiguous gripping surface. Unit is comprised of horizontal bars supported by vertical, upright posts assembled from modular fittings and standard 1¼ in. Schedule 40 pipe. System can be designed for new construction or added onto existing pipe structure by using offset fittings.

Original Press Release:

Kee Industrial Products Introduces New Series 500 ADA Railing Systems to Build Smooth, ADA-Compliant Handrails with Kee Klamp® Pipe Fittings

(APRIL 2007) - Kee Industrial Products, Inc., Buffalo, New York announces the introduction of its new Series 500 ADA Railing System to build handrails for stairs, ramps, walkways and other areas where it is necessary to conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable state and local building codes. Featuring a new range of Kee Klamp® structural, slip-on pipe fittings, the new system provides a smooth, contiguous gripping surface throughout its entire length.

The new Series 500 ADA Railing System is comprised of a framework of horizontal bars supported by vertical, upright posts assembled from the modular fittings and standard 1-¼" Schedule 40 pipe. Constructed of iron for strength and durability, the Kee Klamp Series 500 fittings are galvanized for corrosion resistance and provide a cost-effective and labor saving alternative to welded rails, Kee Industrial states. No drilling, welding, or threading is required for installation, and a variety of base and flange fittings from the line of standard Kee Klamp fittings can be used for installations requiring setting the uprights into concrete.

The new Kee Klamp Series 500 ADA railing system can be designed for new construction or to add onto an existing pipe structure by using offset fittings available with the Series 500 system. The fittings and the pipe used in the system can be powder coated to any RAL color, integrating with the premises environment and color scheme, the company states.

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