Rail/Disc Brake is rated for holding duty applications.

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Suited for spring-applied, electromagnetically released brake applications, Hilliard/Twiflex MK Rail/Disc Brake is designed for holding duty and emergency stopping. Direct acting product has one moving part and incorporates electromagnetic coil that uses voltage dropping circuit. Offered in 3 versions, MK750, MK1400, and MK4800, brake is equipped with manual release mechanism and microswitch for monitoring brake status. Max braking force ranges from 1,600-7,200 lbf.

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The Hilliard Corp. Announces New MK Rail/Disc Brake for Spring Applied, Electromagnetically Released Brake Applications

ELMIRA -- The Hilliard Corporation is proud to announce the availability of the Hilliard/ Twiflex MK Rail/Disc Brake. This newest offering is part of Hilliard's complete line of motion control products. Designed for both holding duty and emergency stopping, the patented MK brake offers the flexibility of application to a guide rail or a brake disc.

The unique Hilliard/ Twiflex MK Rail/Disc Brake is direct acting, with only one moving part. It incorporates an electromagnetic coil that uses a voltage dropping circuit to minimize current draw and heat when the brake is released. The brake is offered in three versions, the MK750, the MK1400 and the MK4800, providing a maximum braking force ranging from 1600 LBF to 7200 LBF.

The Hilliard/ Twiflex MK Rail/Disc Brake is equipped with a microswitch for monitoring brake status. However, its manual release mechanism also allows for a momentary release of the brake with a standard open-end or socket wrench. This manual release mechanism automatically reapplies the brake when force is removed.

The Hilliard/Twiflex type MK Rail/Disc Brake is designed for use on elevators, conveyors, cranes, or other devices requiring a spring-applied, electromagnetically released brake. It is easily incorporated into existing designs, and is being offered as an off-the-shelf item. Equipped with manual release bolts for simple assembly to the rail or disc, the brake can be configured for various rail or disc thickness. The brake's guide pin mounting allows for axial movement.

Hilliard/Twiflex brakes are known and renowned for quality, engineered excellence, performance, dependability and long life. The Hilliard Corporation can be contacted via email (hilliard@hilliardcorp.com), or by calling 607-733-7121.

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