RAID Storage System meets MIL STD 810F requirements.

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With removable drive packs supporting up to 12 TB of data, Talon 4 suits data acquisition C4ISR applications, such as mission planning, intelligence gathering, image processing, and data archiving. SBB (Storage Bridge Bay) 2.0 compliant dual RAID controllers and dual power supplies provide redundancy with no single point of failure. System features integral temperature sensors that monitor changes in operating environment, ensuring continued operation in most extreme conditions.

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One Stop Systems Introduces the Talon 4 RAID System for Rugged Military Applications

o Removable drive packs supporting up to 12TB of data

o Dual SBB (Storage Bridge Bay) controllers

o Meets MIL STD 810F requirements

ESCONDIDO, California, November 17, 2008 -One Stop Systems, a global provider of industrial-grade computing systems and components, today announced the introduction of its Talon 4 RAID storage system for rugged military applications. The Talon 4 meets the stringent standards for shock, vibration, and severe environmental and temperature changes typically found in airborne, shipboard, fixed and mobile ground-based installations. The Talon 4's dual controllers meet the Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) 2.0 specification. The Talon 4 is ideal for streaming data acquisition C4ISR (Command, control, computers, communication, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) applications, such as mission planning, intelligence gathering, image processing, and data archiving.

Distinctive Removable Drive Packs

One of Talon 4's principal innovations is its removable drive packs. This key feature addresses important data management issues inherent in storage systems with traditional single disk drive shuttles, such as the ability to quickly transport large amounts of data between capture/record and analysis/edit locations. Each drive pack can be removed from the system in seconds and carried by its easy-grip handle for data deployment, analysis, or physical security. In addition, the drive packs can be hermetically sealed. This ensures flawless operation in airborne applications, to an altitude of 41,000 feet (12,496 Meters).

Reliable System without Sacrificing Performance

The Talon 4 has a complete dual architecture. Dual RAID controllers and power supplies provide redundancy with no single point of failure. In addition, integral temperature sensors monitor changes in the operating environment. This ensures that the system is properly cooled or heated (with built-in heating elements) for continued operation in the most extreme conditions.

Robust Data Protection and Management

The Talon 4 offers multiple levels of user-selectable RAID configurations, which provide the highest level of protection and performance. A host-based management utility with remote management provides detailed configuration and status monitoring options.

"The Talon 4 represents a significant step forward into the military/defense market for One Stop Systems," says Steve Cooper, CEO. "This unique storage system is equipped with a durable 810F-qualified enclosure and the latest SBB architecture RAID ontrollers. His allows the controllers to be used not only in the Talon system, but also in non-rugged COTS SBB-compliant enclosures for lab or data center deployment. The Talon 4 provides the highest level of reliability and performance in a field-deployed, rugged storage solution. One Stop Systems continues to broaden its base in the military/defense market by providing products that are uniquely suited for extreme environmental conditions."

The Talon 4, fully configured with 1TB hard drives and ready for deployment, lists for $72,000. OEM quantities are priced accordingly and can be configured to the customers' specific requirements including various levels of testing.

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems designs and manufactures custom and semi-custom computing systems, disk arrays, and components for military, defense, and security applications as well as for the converged communications and industrial control embedded markets. One Stop Systems continues to provide custom and semicustom computing systems in both COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) and MIL-standard form factors to many of the largest US defense contactors. In addition to providing highly rugged systems, One Stop Systems has become a premier provider of PCI Express-over-cable products for the embedded market. Responsive pre-sales and post-sales technical support, the highest quality computing products, and on-time delivery have long been a hallmark of One Stop Systems' service. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) 438-2724 or visit our web site at

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