Radiometers/Photometers offer greater than ±5% accuracy.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring microprocessor-controlled readout unit, AccuPro™ Series is suited for non-destructive testing applications. AccuPro™ XP-2000 version is equipped with single dual-wavelength sensor detector designed to measure both UV and visible light, while AccuPRO™ Plus XP-4000 utilizes 3-in-1 multi-purpose sensor that measures UV, visible, and blue light. Powered by 4 rechargeable AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries, meters have protective rubber housing and multilingual display.

Original Press Release:

AccuPro Series

For Immediate Release: The New AccuPro™ Series meters feature an advanced, microprocessor-controlled readout unit calibrated to accurately measure and display both UV-A and visible light readings for non-destructive testing applications.

Available In two versions, the AccuPro™ (XP-2000) readout unit features a single dual-wavelength sensor detector designed to measure both  ultraviolet and visible light. The AccuPRO™ Plus (XP-4000) features a single 3-in-1 multi-purpose sensor that measures ultraviolet, visible and blue light. These compact, lightweight, battery-operated units are ideal for use in the field, the factory or anywhere accurate light measurements are needed!


• Large, easy to read, LCD screen with 4-digit outranging display.

• Both units provide accurate readouts for UV-A irradiance as well as visible illuminance.

AccuPRO Plus unit also measures blue light.

• Simple to use, three-button interface, Toggle between, Light instrument modes.

• Overall accuracy greater than ± 5% per NIST standards.

• Superior band-pass interference filter provides excellent cosine response

• One-touch PEAK with reset functions.

• User-defined power save and automatic shut off.

• User-selectable, multilingual display settings at any operational level. Choose from English, French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

• Rugged meter features protective rubber housing for better grip and to help prevent accidental breakage.

• Sealed sensor with water-resistant housing.

• Multi-wavelength sensor directly attached to meter by 3 ft. (0.9) cord.

• Complies with ASTM specifications for MPI and FPI.

• Convenient on-board recharging.

• Powered by four rechargeable “AAA” nickel-metal hydride batteries (included).

• Come complete with AC charger and padded carrying case.

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