Radiometer and MAS Initiate Work on a RALS®-Plus Module for Radiometer Analyzers

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. and WESTLAKE, Ohio, Dec. 18 -- Radiometer and Medical Automation Systems, Inc. (MAS) announced today they have begun work on a Radiometer-specific RALS®-Plus module for Radiometer's ABL® Series blood gas analyzers. RALS-Plus is a widely used point-of-care (POC) data management system developed and marketed by MAS.

RALS-Plus will enable users of Radiometer's ABL800 and ABL80 analyzers to automatically manage, report and electronically transfer patient blood gas data to the RALS-Plus database and the hospital's laboratory information system.

"We are excited to have this opportunity to work with MAS to develop an industry-standard solution for STAT testing connectivity at the point of care," said Lynda Banig, President of Radiometer America. "The availability of RALS-Plus will strengthen Radiometer's decentralized STAT testing solutions, allowing our customers to more effectively manage and transfer data wherever testing takes place in the hospital."

"As the industry's leader in vendor independent data management systems for point of care, we are very pleased to add Radiometer to the RALS-Plus family of interfaces," said Greg Menke, President and CEO of MAS. "Radiometer has always been known for quality, performance and innovation. These are our primary strengths as well, which ensures that this relationship will succeed and our joint customers will enjoy all the benefits both organizations can offer."

Radiometer's ABL800 FLEX is equipped with FLEXQ, a module that automatically mixes and measures samples to ensure sample integrity for the best possible results. In addition, the ABL800 with FLEXQ automatically processes blood specimens, providing an unsurpassed level of automation in blood gas testing. The ABL80 is a portable, cartridge-based analyzer, offering fast turnaround, ease of use and no maintenance for POC applications.

RALS-Plus is the leading vendor-independent connectivity system for POCT and provides users with total control of their POC program. At the click of an icon, you can view results that have been downloaded, display results that have been flagged based on setup criteria, electronically manage system operators, email weekly and monthly reports, and so much more. RALS-Plus is designed to grow your POC program when you're ready to grow it. The system's modular design enables you to begin with one device interface and add as your needs demand.

About MAS

Medical Automation Systems, Inc. ( is the country's premier provider of data management systems used by hospitals to monitor and manage diagnostic testing performed at the patient's bedside. Founded in 1994, MAS will have a presence in over 1,200 U.S. hospitals by the end of 2006. With the 1999 Institute of Medicine report on the impact of medical errors on patient mortality and cost of care, an increasing number of hospitals are focused on taking steps to minimize the number of errors tied to patient and specimen identification. RALS-Plus provides a healthcare information technology (IT) solution that can aid in eliminating sources of bedside diagnostic testing identification errors cited in the Institute's report. Other products include RALS-Web, providing instant access to POC results through the hospital intranet; RALS-eQuiz, an on-line training tool with re-certification quizzes and automatic grading; RALS-TGCM, a Tight Glycemic Control Module featuring graphical reports for those caring for patients on glycemic control protocols. MAS also supports websites that provide source and reference materials on the point-of-care industry and glycemic control protocols. Visit, and

About Radiometer

Radiometer is a world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of technologically advanced diagnostic testing systems for acute care. The company offers complete solutions to the complex process of acute care testing through the use of innovative instrumentation, sampling products and information technology, supported by world-class clinical, regulatory and technical support. Radiometer's acute care testing solutions meet the needs of both the traditional central laboratory and the increasing number of point-of- care testing sites in today's hospital environment. (

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