Radiometer addresses UV measurement and process control.

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PALM PROBE(TM) measures and displays Watts, Joules, and Seconds and displays peak value in W/cm². High temperature resistant light guide is electrically isolated and insulated. With wide dynamic range of 100,000:1, battery-powered instrument lets user establish, document, and maintain UV process windows; verify readings from on-line sensors; and coordinate relative percentage type readings from on-line displays to absolute units.

Original Press Release:

Palm Probe(TM) Production Ambient Light Measurement System

o Wide Dynamic Range (100,000:1) Measurements; Autoranging and zeroing
o Measures and displays Watts, Joules, Seconds; displays peak value Watts/cm²
o Electrically isolated and insulated Light Guide
o Very high temperature resistant Light Guide
o Single hand operation; two membrane switch control
o UV bands - choice of EIT UVA, UVB or UW
o Battery powered; two user replaceable AA batteries with low battery warning

o Measure UV system performance particularly in applications where measurement space is limited or it is difficult to access
o Establish, document and maintain UV process windows
o Meet ISO, quality and customer requirements for SPC/SQC
o Verify readings from on-line sensors; coordinate relative percentage type readings from on-line displays to absolute units.
o Multiple uses from production curing (high irradiance) to stray hazard (low irradiance) applications

The PALM Probe radiometer addresses UV Measurement and Process Control in areas where it has been difficult to pass a radiometer through the process. The use of UV inks and coatings has grown in label and web markets and the PALM Probe offers safe, reliable measurement for these and other applications.

The PALM Probe has an extremely wide dynamic range allowing it to read from very low levels of UV light as in fluorescent bulbs to very high levels of UV found in powerful UV curing systems. Conditions inside a UV curing chamber are harsh. The PALM Probe is designed to withstand the harsh physical conditions of the UV curing chamber as well as protect the operator and instrument from damage or electrical shock. Potentially lethal voltages exist in UV curing systems. Although the Light Guide has been designed to reduce the risk of shock, the user should avoid contact with the high voltage areas in the UV housing. The user holds the Probe Body of the instrument and inserts the Light Guide under the UV source.

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