Radio Frequency Company’s New Bantam-Series, Post-Baking Dryers, are Now Available in a Two-Zone System

After the very successful introduction of the air-cooled Bantam-Series Post-Baking dryers two years ago, RFC is now offering the air-cooled design in a more powerful two-zone design. Dubbed the “Double-Bantam,” it maintains the simplistic yet robust design of the single zone dryers, and carries forward the lower capital and installation costs when compared to the larger Ultra-Series Dryers.

The Bantam-Series Macrowave™ Dryers require no plant cooling water and no heavy electrical drops making them much less costly to install. Because these new systems are air-cooled, there are fewer components which reduces the preventative maintenance requirement and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Capable of boosting oven line productivity by 30% or more, while also eliminating checking and over coloration problems, RF post-baking dryers are an increasingly popular solution for bakers who wish to increase quality and productivity. For qualified customers, RFC also offers a leasing program giving manufacturers a chance to try-it before they buy-it.

For further details, please contact John Putnam at or call 508.376.9555

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