Radar System can be tuned via software controls.

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Based on modular architecture that allows for expansion of features and capabilities, MB-SAR Multi-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar System offers flexibility of changing and optimizing radar collection in real-time using software controls. System is designed to operate concurrently with multitude of RF front-ends, from lower ends of spectrum through microwave frequencies.

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Essex Corporation Launches Software Configurable Radar System

COLUMBIA, Md., July 20 // -- Essex Corporation (NASDAQ:KEYW) announces the launch of its software configurable radar system as a product. This product, the Multi-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar system or MB-SAR, is the first radar product of its kind on the market, offering the flexibility of changing and optimizing radar collection in real time using software controls. This system uses commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and operating system software combined with proprietary Essex technology. This breakthrough product is based on over ten years of research and development in the processing and analysis of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data and images.

"Conventional radar systems have been built and deployed for a predefined specification which limits their ability to adapt to changing missions and threats," according to Leonard Moodispaw, CEO and President of Essex Corporation. "MB-SAR is the first SAR system that can be tuned via software controls, thereby enabling dynamic tasking of the system based upon the collection objectives of today's missions, while they are in progress."

The MB-SAR product is based on a modular system architecture that allows for continued expansion of features and capabilities with the release of additional hardware front-end and software modules. This modular architecture of the system allows the customer to define their requirements and pay for the features they need. A basic initial system will price in the range of $2.5 million. Additional capabilities, spares, and support can bring a system price to the range of $5-7.5 million, depending on the features and options selected. Additional development is underway for ruggedized and unmanned aerial vehicle versions of this product. In addition, Essex is currently building a system that will be provided to customers on a short-term lease basis.

Since the beginning of 2006, the prototype system has been flight tested and has performed in both demonstration and live collection environments. MB-SAR is based on Essex proprietary technology, the result of over millions of dollars of customer funded research and development over more than 10 years, in a variety of customer funded research and development projects, including several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) efforts.

The system is designed to operate concurrently with a multitude of RF front-ends, from the lower ends of the spectrum (UHF) through the microwave frequencies. The first unit operates in the UHF portion of the frequency spectrum and is tunable over the entire band. The second unit, now under construction, will operate over the combined UHF and L-Band portion of the spectrum. The system is compatible with other Essex radar processing products, including Radar WorkBench, IView, and VolView.

"We are currently offering this product only to our U.S. defense and intelligence customers," commented Mr. Moodispaw. "However, we have already had inquiries from the commercial market where the use of SAR technology continues to expand worldwide. As we build our capacity in this area, we will explore the commercial market potential for this product family, but our first priority is supporting the needs of our core customers for this product. I believe the market potential for a family of MB-SAR radar products and services over the next 10 years makes this a $500 million business opportunity."

A preliminary product data sheet on the MB-SAR system is available on the Essex website at http://essexcorp.com/productinfo/.

About Essex: Essex provides advanced signal, image, information processing, information assurance and cyber-security solutions, for U.S. Government intelligence and defense customers as well as for select commercial customers. We create our solutions by combining our services and expertise with hardware, software, and proprietary and patented technology to meet our customers' requirements. For more information contact Essex Corporation, 6708 Alexander Bell Drive, Columbia MD 21046-2100; Phone 301.939.7000; Fax 301.953.7880; E-mail info@essexcorp.com, or on the Web at http://essexcorp.com/.

CONTACT: Leonard E. Moodispaw, Chairman, CEO & President of Essex Corporation, +1-301-939-7000

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