Radar Altimeter Display has bright LED readout.

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Suited for pilots flying in task-saturated situations, such as degraded weather conditions, RAD-40 provides pilot with readout of aircraft's height above ground level. This panel-mount digital LED display also includes pilot-selectable Decision Height and 5 additional trip points from 100-1,000 ft, all with discrete outputs designed to control audible tone or interface to third-party equipment. Night vision goggle-compatible display is also available.

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FreeFlight Systems Introduces RAD-40 Radar Altimeter Display

A Critical Instrument for Pilots Flying in Task-Saturated Situations

WACO, Texas, March 12 -- FreeFlight Systems, a global supplier of high criticality avionics systems, announces the introduction of a new radar altimeter display, the RAD-40. The RAD-40, a panel-mount digital display, provides the pilot with a precise readout of the aircraft's height above ground level on a bright LED readout. Moreover, this new display includes a pilot-saelectable Decision Height (DH) and five additional trip points (from 100 - 1000 feet), all with discrete outputs designed to control an audible tone or interface to third party equipment.

The RAD-40 is compatible with FreeFlight Systems' TSO-certified RA-4000 and RA-4500 Radar Altimeters. The RA-4500, with an ARINC 429 interface, and the RA-4000 are high integrity, professional grade radar altimeters designed to enhance operational safety during approaches, nighttime operations, and flights above hazardous terrain.

"When flying in degraded weather conditions, pilots find themselves in task-saturated situations which is why we designed the RAD-40 to be clear, bright, and easy to read with reliable warnings when both decision height and pre-set warning altitudes are met," states Robert Schneier, COO, FreeFlight Systems. "When pilots are 'in the weeds,' that is low to the ground, they are looking outside because the weather is bad or they are fixating on a landing zone. In this situation our RAD-40, combined with either the RA-4000 or RA-4500, could very well be the last -- and only -- thing that keeps them from hitting the ground," adds Tim Taylor, president and CEO, FreeFlight Systems. "We take that responsibility very seriously when designing our systems."

In addition to the standard version, a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible display is available. For certain installations, a display mounted in a round faceplate adapter is also offered as an option.

The RAD-40 is available at a retail price of $2,525 when purchased with an RA-4500 or RA-4000 and $2,995 when purchased separately. TSO certification is expected in mid-March, with delivery in late March 2009.

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Founded in 2001 through the acquisition of Trimble Navigation's avionics products division, FreeFlight Systems is an international supplier of professional grade navigation systems for commercial and military aircraft. With a focus on safety, simplicity, and reliability, FreeFlight Systems offers a broad array of GPS navigation systems, GPS/WAAS sensors, and radar altimeters worldwide. Based in Waco, TX, FreeFlight Systems was the first company to certify an airborne Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) receiver. For more information, please visit www.freeflightsystems.com.

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