Racktivity and Comutel Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Innovative Solutions to Data Centers and Telecommunications Providers Across Eastern Europe

LOCHRISTI, Belgium - Comutel, part of the Telelink group, to bring next-generation energy and environment monitoring and management solutions to customers in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine and Hungary

Racktivity, an innovator in next-generation energy and environment monitoring and management solutions, and Comutel, a highly respected Serbia based system integrator, have announced a strategic agreement to help data center customers reduce costs and improve uptime through innovative energy management and monitoring software, smart power distribution and environmental sensor technology.

Comutel, part of the Telelink Group, has a 21-year history of excellence and is the leading Cisco Gold Partner in Serbia. The company has helped clients including leading regional telecom providers, public companies, government departments and major financial institutions in a wide range of data center projects.

"Our customers are keen to improve the efficiency of their data centers as the demand for IT services grows across the region," explains Miodrag Radulovic, CEO for Comutel.

"Racktivity provides a range of solutions that address critical energy and management concerns for a wide remit of organisations, both in our extensive internal testing process and in discussion with key customers it has become clear that there is a significant opportunity across the region by working closely with Racktivity."

Comutel will offer the complete Racktivity portfolio including Racktivity's Data Center Performance Manager (DCPM) suite, the only distributed software solution to manage up to thousands of smart PDUs and a wide range of other critical data center components - UPS, ATS/STS, airco, gensets, other smart PDUs brands, etc. - as a single environment.

Racktivity's EnergySwitch series of next-generation smart Power Distribution Units feature a real-time operating system delivering the highest degree of granular real-time power-quality type metrics. The range is complemented by the Racktivity EnergySensors offering a granular set of monitoring features including temperature, humidity and motion sensing as well as smoke detection, water leak detection and dry contact for rack door intrusion detection. Finally Comutel will also have access to the new Racktivity DC2Sensor for monitoring DC Power.

Aggregating AC power, DC power and all relevant environmental metrics through one single open platform (DCPM) for both concentrated data centers and thousands of smaller distributed remote locations such as PoPs, bay stations, optical nodes, head ends, etc.) Racktivity addresses real pain points and is a tangible solutions provider for national and international telecommunication and broadband service providers.

Comutel is part of the Telelink Group, which comprises of over 700 employees with offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Ukraine and Hungary generating annual revenues in excess of 70 million Euros. Alongside a broad portfolio of professional IT solutions and services Telelink also offers managed services addressing complex information and communication needs of small and medium enterprises and specific governmental and private organizations on the basis of partial or complete outsourcing of ICT equipment and processes.

"Our partnership with Comutel is more than just a resale agreement," explains Hans Witdouck, CEO for Racktivity, "We will be working closely alongside Comutel to bring the benefits of our technology to its existing and prospective clients through technical assistance, education and by raising awareness of the benefits that Racktivity brings to data centers across the world."

Racktivity will also be working with other parts of the Telelink group to help demonstrate how its energy management solutions can address real world data center issues around power consumption and management. Last year Racktivity was rated as one of the Top 100 most innovative companies in Europe by Red Herring, an influential technology publication.

About Racktivity

Racktivity, an innovator in next-generation energy and environment management offers the industry's only integrated hardware and software for data centers. The Data Center Performance Manager (DCPM) suite measures, monitors and manages power across distributed data centers and gives customers full visibility and control of their data center energy consumption while integrating seamlessly with other data center applications and PDU appliances.

As part of the Data Center Performance Management system Racktivity's EnergySwitch family of smart Power Distribution Units (PDUs) equips data centers with the most advanced metering, switching and predictive analysis capabilities available on the market today.

Racktivity was founded in 2009 in Ghent, Belgium, by Wilbert Ingels, an experienced executive in data center technologies, and by Kristof De Spiegeleer, serial entrepreneur and visionary. Racktivity's headquarters is located in Lochristi, Belgium.




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