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Rackmount Enclosures provides 2 slots in 1U chassis.

Press Release Summary:

May 10, 2002 - PRME Series horizontal rackmount enclosures are designed to cool cards dissipating 55 W per slot. CoolSlot(TM) card guides eliminate cooling dead spots on boards and provide uniform airflow throughout system. Thermal CFD simulation demonstrates 400 LFM per front slot and 100 LFM per rear transition module slot. Two-slot CompactPCI(R) or VME backplanes are available. Power is provided by embedded 150 W ATX power supply.

Hybricon - Ayer, MA

Original Press Release

New CoolSlot(TM) 1U Enclosures Provide Low-Profile Solutions and Excellent Cooling

Press release date: May 02, 2002

Ayer, MA., Hybricon Corporation announces the release of a new line of horizontal rackmount enclosures (the PRME Series) which provide 2 slots of CompactPCI or VME in a space-saving 1U chassis with excellent cooling. Modern high performance cards dissipate more power and require improved chassis cooling. This has historically been a problem area for competitive 1U chassis, which cannot effectively cool these higher power cards. Hybricon has solved this problem with the new PRME series of enclosures which are designed to cool cards dissipating 55 watts per slot. The enclosures solve overheating problems with Hybricon's patented air deflecting CoolSlot(TM) card guides -which eliminate cooling "dead spots" on boards and provide more uniform airflow throughout the system. Sophisticated FLOTHERM(TM) thermal CFD simulation of the enclosure demonstrates a highly uniform airflow of 400 LFM per front slot and 100 LFM per rear transition module slot. This is far superior to competitive 1U units.

The PRME CoolSlot(TM) enclosures are available with Hybricon's 2-slot CompactPCI(R) or VME backplanes. Hybricon's backplanes have been computer simulated in Hybricon's signal integrity laboratory to ensure low signal cross-talk and trouble-free system operation. Power is provided by an embedded 150 watt ATX power supply.

Additional features include:
> Fully compatible with IEEE 1101.10/11 packaging standards
> Provisions for 80mm rear plug-in modules and transition modules
> Front and rear ground clips provide proper grounding (per IEC 950 section 2) for all plug-in modules thereby reducing the chances of circuit damage by electrostatic discharge
> Provides cooling for both front cards and rear transition cards
> Internal mounting for 2 x 2.5-in slim format hard drives
> Stylishly finished in black powder coat paint (other colors available)
> Custom configurations available

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