Rackmount Computer uses dual-processor MicroATX motherboard.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 15.7 in. chassis depth, 3U, 19 in. Model TCS3502 utilizes Trenton JXM7031 embedded motherboard to provide 2 Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® EC5549 processors and 6 SATA II/300 drive interfaces with onboard RAID controller. System includes support for PCIe Express 2.0, PCIe 1.1, and PCI option cards, and is suited for diverse applications ranging from Mil-COTS command and control to missile telemetry, shipboard navigation, and medical imaging systems.

Original Press Release:

TRENTON 3U Compact Computer Features Dual-Processor MicroATX Motherboard

TCS3502 utilizes a 15.7" (39.9cm) chassis depth to deliver long-life rackmount computer system performance in shipboard and control room applications.

Atlanta, GA - The Trenton TCS3502 rackmount computer is a shallow-depth standard system pre-configured with the industry's first dual-processor MicroATX embedded motherboard featuring PCI Express® 2.0 option card slots. Trenton's TCS3502 merges long-life embedded motherboard stability with the outstanding performance inherent in the latest quad core Intel® processors. The TCS3502 uses the Trenton JXM7031 embedded motherboard to provide two quad-core processors and six SATA II/300 drive interfaces with an on-board RAID controller. PCIe Express 2.0, PCIe 1.1 and PCI option card support delivers added control system flexibility. The TCS3502 enables fast system deployments in diverse applications such as Mil-COTS Command & Control, Missile Telemetry, shipboard navigation and medical imaging systems.

Here is an abbreviated features list of the Trenton TCS3502 rackmount computer:


Shallow-Depth Chassis

3U, 19" rackmount computer with a 15.7" (39.9cm) chassis depth

Option Card Slots

Support is available for PCI Express 2.0, PCIe 1.1 and PCI option cards

MicroATX Motherboard

Trenton JXM7031 featuring two, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors EC5549 (Jasper Forest)

Please visit the Trenton 3U rackmount computers web page for information on other 3U system solutions.

"The TCS3502 is a standard system designed to meet the critical needs of; fast deliveries over long project deployment cycles, Mil-COTS rackmount computers with shallow chassis depths, and dual-processor system performance in a compact enclosure. The dual-processor MicroATX motherboard used in the TCS3502 meets and exceeds these government and defense computing requirements in many different applications", said Michael Bowling, Trenton Director of Operations. "The TCS3502 couples a Trenton embedded motherboard backed by our five-year factory warranty with flexible option card support that maximizes design flexibility and performance in crucial embedded computing applications."

About Trenton

Trenton is a designer and manufacturer of complete industrial rackmount computer systems as well as embedded motherboards, single board computers, system host boards, backplanes and processor AMCs for critical embedded computing applications. Trenton is a member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.

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