R/S Plus Rheometer Has a New Look...Delivering Form and Function!

March 2008

Brookfield Engineering of Middleboro, MA introduces the New R/S Plus Rheometer, complete with all the features Brookfield customers are familiar with, plus a brand new look. In addition to the modern styling of the instrument, the new R/S Plus features a smaller diameter spindle shaft, smaller size water jacket accessory and direct control of temperature from the keypad on P1 and P2 Cone Plate models.

The R/S Plus is designed for rheological evaluation of materials through the direct measurement of viscosity, yield stress, thixotropic response, creep and other flow properties. It features a temperature range up to 180°C, speed range from 0.1 to 1,000 rpm, and measurement sensitivity delivering comprehensive data for modulus and static yield stress as well as information for creep testing.

The R/S Plus operates in both stand-alone mode as well as under PC control. The new R/S Plus running under Brookfield's Rheo3000 software provides powerful flow characterization tools including shear ramp, loop and single point testing.

The R/S Plus is available with cone/plate, plate/plate, or coaxial cylinder measurement geometries. It's engineered to meet the demands of quality control labs and to provide sophisticated flexibility for research environments as well as simple operation on the production floor.

For additional information about Brookfield's new R/S Plus Rheometer, visit www.brookfieldengineering.com on the web or call 800.628.8139 or 508.946.6200.

Contact Name: Robert G. McGregor
Title: Sales/Marketing Manager
E-mail: r_mcgregor@brookfieldengineering.com

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