Quick-Change Mounting Plate combine security and flexibility.

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As fully adaptable custom gripper component, SWM LK Quick Change Mounting Plate is compatible with every robot. Product also features interchangeable End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT), minimizing downtime during installation, modifications, or other setup changes. While mounting plate features aluminum base plates and can be locked to ensure secure foundation, EOAT grippers also stay aligned and secure in quick change mounting plate. Unit also integrates pneumatic quick disconnect system.

Original Press Release:

SAS Automation Latches on to Quick-Change Mounting Plates

KARLSRUHE — The international leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) and automation technology, SAS Automation, is unveiling the new SWM LK Quick Change Mounting Plate. This custom gripper component is fully adaptable, making the SWM LK compatible with every robot.

The SWM LK also features EOAT that is interchangeable with the quick change mounting plate. The versatility of the mounting plate allows companies to minimize downtime during installation, modifications or any other setup changes.

This newly designed mounting plate boasts lightweight, aluminum base plates, and can be locked to ensure a secure foundation. EOAT grippers also stay aligned and secure in the quick change mounting plate. As an added element of efficiency, an integrated pneumatic quick disconnect system has been incorporated in the design.

These fast-draw mounting plate variations are suitable for a number of industries that move at a quick pace. From food and beverage to metal handling, an EOAT may need to be switched out at a moment’s notice in order to maintain regular operations and continue functioning on schedule. Companies can now optimize their working runtime because of the SWM LK’s adaptability and timesaving features. The SWM LK Quick Change Mounting Plate is one of many customized products designed by SAS Automation to meet a specific application or need. Customers are able to review specifications and CAD drawings to determine if adapted gripper components will work for their operation. For more information on SAS Automation’s product lines, please visit SAS-Automation.com.

SAS Automation provides superior end-of-arm tooling and automation technology to customers and suppliers around the world in a variety of industries, including food, automotive, metal handling, palletizing, and plastics. SAS Automation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of modular component-based robotic end-of-arm tooling and gripper systems.

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