Quick Change Feeder is designed for short, customized runs.

Press Release Summary:

Quick Change/Quick Clean T35/S60 lets user change from single screw S60 to twin screw T35 configuration as material needs change. It handles feed rates from 0.004-160 ft³/hr depending on material density. Multi-purpose feeder is available with 2 bowl/screw sets that mount to same gearbox and can be cleaned and swapped out in minutes. Available in volumetric and gravimetric models, product suits applications where one feeder must feed variety of products.

Original Press Release:

New K-Tron Quick Change Feeder Available in Volumetric and Gravimetric Models for Quick Material Change Over of Customized Runs

Pitman, NJ (September 20, 2004)-The K-Tron Feeder Group has introduced the K-Tron Quick Change/ Quick Clean T35/S60 feeder as a multi-purpose feeder designed to handle a range of materials and feed rates. First designed with the needs of the Masterbatch industry in mind, this feeder allows the customer to quickly change from a single screw S60 screw configuration to a twin screw T35 screw configuration, as material needs change-- ideal for short customized runs. By utilizing the range and feed screw selections of the T35 and the S60 feeder models, the Quick Change feeder can handle feed rates from 0.12 cubic dm/hr (0.004 cubic ft/hr) to as high as 4,500 cubic dm/hr (160 cubic ft/hr.) depending on material density.

The feeder is available with two bowl/ screw sets that mount to the same gearbox and can be cleaned and swapped out in minutes. It is easy to disassemble and clean, enabling quick change over in production, while minimizing down time and installation costs. It is available in both volumetric and gravimetric models.

The Quick Change/Clean (QC) feeder is ideal for applications where only one feeder must feed a large variety of products, where a "super clean" execution is required and where product contamination is not allowed. As the process industries move to more flexible production lines for short, customized runs, the flexibility for quick changing and cleaning will become increasingly important.

For more information, contact the K-Tron Feeder Group, Routes 55 and 553, Pitman, NJ 08071. Phone +1 856-589-0500. Fax +1 856-589-8113. Send e-mail to info@ktron.com, or visit K-Tron's Web site at www.ktron.com.

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