Quick Change Clamping Solution ensures process reliability.

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UNILOCK NSA series provides rapid change over between setups with less than 0.0002 in. repeatability. Workpieces are positioned in place within seconds, ensuring absolutely secure clamping during machining. Fully sealed against contamination, series takes up minimal machine space while simplifying workpiece changing and providing reliable, clean, and chip-free support surface. Forced airflow removes chips and contamination from short tapers during automated pallet changing.

Original Press Release:

The UNILOCK NSA Series Ensures Process Reliability and High-Precision Quick Change Clamping

Cost reduction should start with setup reduction. The SCHUNK UNILOCK NSA series provides rapid change over between setups with <0.0002" repeatability. UNILOCK NSA positions the workpieces in place with high precision in a matter of seconds, guaranteeing absolutely secure clamping during machining with a compact construction that takes up as little machine space as possible. At the same time it simplifies workpiece changing and, above all, provides a reliable, clean and chip-free support surface. The NSA series of the SCHUNK UNILOCK quick-change pallet system combines all these requirements, creating optimum conditions for process reliability and rapid high-precision workpiece change.

Geometry and cleaning air enable chip-free workpiece change
The NSA series is fully sealed against contamination. A forced airflow removes chips and contamination from the short tapers during automated pallet changing, therefore ensuring an absolutely flat work surface. The conical shape of the clamping bodies also simplifies insertion of the pallet. In contrast to other systems the pallet centring of the SCHUNK quick-change pallet system is carried out by a high-grade, low-wear centering ring. The clamping process can be monitored by an air system check - a real safety benefit that ensures a trouble-free production process. With the NSA SF and NSA 125 modules a pin gently lifts the released pallet after machining for easily removal by a robot or an operator.

The workpiece clamping of the SCHUNK UNILOCK is actually carried out by self-locking, form-fit clamping slides. Even during rough machining holding powers of 75 kN ensure an absolutely secure grip. During the machining of the workpiece no compressed air is present. The workpieces still remain securely clamped even if the pressure in the air system suddenly drops. To unlock the clamping modules a system pressure of 6 bar - present in every compressed air system - is sufficient.

Three variants from extremely compact to extremely robust
The construction of the SCHUNK UNILOCK NSA SF module is extremely compact. Reference-precise centering is achieved in the NSA SF by four variable short tapers which can be adapted to different pallet sizes. Tilting moments and torques are optimally compensated in this way. The compact module with central clamping is suitable for maximum pallet sizes of 250 x 250 mm. It provides the ideal preconditions for use in 5-axis machining centres. The maximum holding power is 75 kN and the maximum axial load is 50 kN.

The SCHUNK UNILOCK NSA 110 module made of rustproof material has a particularly low profile construction. It occupies as little space as possible in the machine room and is suitable for pallets of medium size up to a maximum size of 500 x 500 mm. The particularly robust NSA 125 module is ideal for coarse machining and also ensures secure holding on vertical turning and boring mills. The powerhouse can be used for secure clamping of any size of pallets.

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