Quantum Interface Launches Its Motion Technologies, at CES 2014

AUSTIN, Texas – Quantum Interface (Qi) is pleased to announce the launch of its public awareness campaign after years of quietly developing its intellectual property. Along with announcing its new website, Qi will be unveiling its new Tengi™, Precognition™ and EyeZ™ motion-based solutions at CES 2014 in Las Vegas Jan 7 - 10 at Booth 25734. These demonstrate natural motion-based intuitive interfaces for mobile, TV and environmental controls. This cutting edge technology will be the future of the User Experience (UX).

"There is significant demand to move beyond simple point-and-click interfaces and pinch-zoom gestures. Motion controls not only satisfy this demand but provide a new intuitive User Experience. 

"Qi is pleased to have investors that are committed to providing new intuitive motion controls to the market. With our latest funding, our motion control development has accelerated. We are positioned to release cutting edge beta apps that demonstrate the simplicity of motion as a controller in mobile devices. OEMs and ODMs now have access to motion-based solutions that can be rapidly deployed on their platforms," said Shawn Gray, President.

Precognition™ will set a new standard for giving a "big interface" in a little space. It predicts the user's intent and makes moving around on mobile devices faster, easier and intuitive.

Tengi™ is a suite of apps for mobility using Never Lift a Finger™ and Precognition™ technologies that together form the complete motion-based interface experience consumers are hungry for.

EyeZ™ is the concept platform of the future that uses eye tracking plus motion as a controller and incorporates Precognition™ technology.

"These technologies represent years of hard work, dedication and perseverance from our entire team. They bring the best motion-based interface technologies to a starved market. Motion is the future. The mobile market is building on more data, more choices, and shrinking real estate. Motion combined with eye tracking provides the cornerstone of this market." - Jonathan Josephson, Chief Innovation Officer, Qi.

About Quantum Interface

Quantum Interface, LLC. (Qi) is a privately-funded company based in Austin, Texas that develops motion-based control technology for Simplified Living.

For more information, please contact:

Quantum Interface - www.QuantumInterface.com:

Shawn Gray, President

Jonathan Josephson, CIO               

Email Us: qi-info@quantuminterface.com



Quantum Interface

Web Site: http://www.quantuminterface.com

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