Quantum Dots LCM Developed by Microtips Technology Increases Color Saturation by More than 20% Without Changing the LCD

Press Release Summary:

  • Uses quantum dots, semiconductor nanocrystals which produces pure monochromatic green, blue and red light
  • Ability to tune their bandgap and control their light absorbance as well as emission frequencies
  • This 7-inch display is ideal for home appliance, industry, medical and communication

Original Press Release:

Microtips Technology is Constantly Thriving to Enhance for Better Performance of Our Products

We are excited to announce our Quantum Dot TFT Family with a 7 inch display being the first member. It will improve the color saturation and give more live and vibrant colors than a typical TFT.

Quantum Dot (QD) Technology has become the latest advancement in technology for monitors and displays. A Quantum Dot Display uses quantum dots, semiconductor nanocrystals, which can produce pure monochromatic green, blue, and red light. Because of their small size, QDs have the ability to confine the electrons' motion. QDs have the ability to tune their bandgap and control their light absorbance and emission frequencies.

The Quantum Dot Display market is expected grow to almost 11 billion dollars by 2025, according to forecasts by Touch Display Research.

"Quantum dots have become a hot technology for displays. They only require a small amount of energy. The color of the light, emitted from the quantum dot can actually be manipulated without significant cost. Quantum dot technology enables better HDR and wider color gamut. This technology has exceeded OLED price to performance ratio in color volume and luminance. That means you will see colors on the screen that until now you have seen only in real life," according to Arif Arfin, Executive Vice President, North American Operations for Microtips Technology.

The Quantum Dots LCM developed by Microtips Technology can increase the color saturation of LCM by more than 20% without changing the LCD. This 7 inch display is great for home appliance, industry, medical, communication.

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