QualiSystems Accelerates Cloud Infrastructure Testing

TestShell enables reduced complexity, leveraging automation and assuring performance of cloud infrastructure

SANTA CLARA, California -

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QualiSystems [http://www.qualisystems.com] announced today its TestShell enterprise software framework's compatibility for advanced testing of the cloud infrastructure
[http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t11.asp?Sid=83&Pid=715], covering lab management, device provisioning and test automation. Using TestShell, cloud testers can accelerate automation and simplify the time-consuming and complex task of mimicking cloud infrastructure in the lab to assure performance and bring new services rapidly to the market.

TestShell's advanced user-friendly features allow network, storage and test engineers to easily adapt to the dynamic cloud-computing testing environment. By offering a holistic solution that requires no programming skills, it is simpler and quicker for cloud architecture, designers and testers to accomplish set-up and testing of the infrastructure. The different cloud components that must interoperate - computing, services, storage and networking - are each tested individually and in concert to assure performance, stability, security, QoE and QoS using TestShell.

With a flowchart-based test editor, TestShell offers cloud testers the ability to automate a large range of test scenarios to simulate multiple iterations and massive network traffic by large number of users prior to deployment. The framework simplifies management of the cloud testing environment through vendor-agnostic integration and central control of all test equipment, devices and technologies, such as FC/FCoE switches, storage servers, virtualized machines, new 40/100 gigabit ports, management/monitoring software and more. Utilization of costly network equipment is measured and increased by allowing advanced sharing capabilities between users and across sites.

"With a drastically more complex environment that relies on combining several emerging technologies, cloud testers face growing challenges ranging from the required technical knowledge to the large integration spectrum essential for testing," says Eitan Lavie, vice president of product & marketing at QualiSystems. "One of TestShell's key strengths is its ability to provide a holistic approach for management and automation of the cloud-testing environment thereby alleviating the pain point for the testers behind the cloud."

The TestShell framework is already used by leading industry vendors, suitable for test and lab automation in the cloud, datacenter
[http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t11.asp?Sid=83&Pid=716] and network infrastructure. For a demo, please visit www.qualisystems.com/tsdemo

About TestShell

TestShell is an end-to-end enterprise software framework offering complete Lab
Management [http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t5.asp?Sid=73&Pid=514], Device
Provisioning and Test Automation solutions
[http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t5.asp?Sid=73&Pid=512]. Used in the Networking and Storage environment to manage and drive large scale testing labs, the framework enables engineers to optimize lab performance and increase testing coverage while expanding equipment utilization, reducing setup time and accelerating testing.

About QualiSystems

QualiSystems is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for test and lab
automation [http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t11.asp?Sid=98&Pid=662], driving
innovation, efficiency and ROI. QualiSystems' TestShell Framework has already proven as an industry-critical solution in North America, APAC, Europe and the Middle East, where it is used by market leaders from a wide spectrum of industries including network equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, data center providers, enterprises and electronics device manufacturers. www.qualisystems.com

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