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Cut Costs With Energy Grants, Rebates and Cost Savings

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Homes, businesses and schools across America are now taking advantage of new federal and state solar energy grants, rebates and tax credits to lower their energy costs. With this in mind, data loggers are a great way to record your solar system's wattage capacity and compare it against what the installers promised. A data logger can enable your school to perform its own energy audit to help qualify for a solar grant, rebate program, or to find savings areas on your existing installations. This technology is field-proven, cost-effective, and easy for entry-level technicians to use. Call CAS DataLoggers today and find out how your school can use our Accsense Electrocorder products to find these savings areas!

Here are just 3 ways your school can use a data logger to start saving on energy costs:

1. Qualify Your School for Energy Grants and Rebates:

Green energy grants and rebate programs are a great way for your school to start saving on utility costs. The federal government and many states are offering these financial incentives to help schools afford new energy system installations. These improvements will pay for themselves in just a few years, and for many facilities a datalogger is their way to prove that they're getting the savings.

For a green solution, solar water heaters are one of the most popular new energy-saving systems being widely adopted in schools. Our Accsense Electrocorder Solar Data Logger is a low-cost way to help you qualify for these alternative energy rebates and, once you're approved, to prove that your systems are performing as promised and show financiers that you're in full compliance with their regulations. These data loggers can record solar irradiation up to 1,500W/m2 (watts per square meter), DC Voltage, and DC Current produced by solar panels, allowing you to assess the performance of a solar energy installation and monitor the energy production for billing. This way you can watch your building's actual usage to ensure you're conserving energy AND getting the promised savings!

2. Is Your HVAC Installer Overcharging You? Find Out!

Is your school getting the right utility bill? Why just take your installer's word for it? Using a data logger, you can see for yourself if your HVAC systems are performing as promised--and see whether your installer is overcharging you or not! With a data logger constantly recording your facility's energy generation and seeing the patterns of use, you'll never be overcharged again.

Accsense Electrocorder also gives users the ability to produce graphs and printouts as proof to see if the promised savings are really there. Plus if you're in a grant or rebate program, you'll have the data to show to your financiers--always important when federal or state money is involved.

3. Save Money with an Energy Audit:

With Accsense Electrocorder your school can also conduct its own Energy Audit which can substantially improve energy efficiency. Once the data's collected you can view utility usage in your building by floor and as a total for the entire facility, giving you the full picture of your energy usage. Accsense Electrocorder enables many other uses and cost savings opportunities including performance verification for your other HVAC systems. For example a data logger could be added in a boiler room to closely monitor this high-energy usage area. Our products enable staff to make fully-informed decisions on utility usage, reduce HVAC costs and pinpoint areas for future upgrades.

Accsense Electrocorder products are electrical logging devices monitoring power/energy, current/voltage, power quality and more. These data loggers perform ongoing recording to calculate and prove the value of future energy savings; identify issues with supply and equipment; and to serve as low-cost investments for long-term energy savings. Electrocorder constantly samples every cycle multiple times (recording the Min, Max and Average) over the set period, unlike competing products which can miss up to 99% of the data. Additionally, specialized Electrosoft software is included FREE with every unit to assist with analysis, enabling users to define the voltage to plot power and energy, then simply upload their recorded data via USB to a PC.

Find out more about how you can use Accsense Electrocorder to get grants and find savings for YOUR school! We work with many of these applications and can show you product features and a demo of the software in use. Give our Applications Specialists a call today at (800) 956-4437 or visit the CAS DataLoggers website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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