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DEK uses ScanCAD Inspection System to Certify Stencil Fabrication

Littleton, CO (USA) March 25, 2008 - Bad stencils are the 800-pound gorilla that every production manager fears at changeover time. When a stencil doesn't meet specifications, a scheduled 20-minute changeover time can easily become hours of unplanned downtime as a stencil is fixed or production switches to a new product.

Manufacturers using stencils supplied by DEK's global stencil fabrication network are keeping that 800-pound gorilla caged because they use the ScanSTENCIL inspection system from ScanCAD to validate stencil quality. Each DEK stencil comes with a certificate of conformity based on a 100% inspection of the stencil using ScanSTENCIL to ensure that it matches the original, customer supplied, Gerber data and/or actual PCB.

ScanSTENCIL includes a number of automatic features to speed up the inspection process. It combines a Windows-based PC with application-specific software and a high-resolution, calibrated A3 size scanner. This provides a fully integrated, stand-alone inspection workstation to verify stencil quality after fabrication. Using the original Gerber, CAD or cut file, ScanSTENCIL compares the data against the actual stencil, quickly and automatically checking for aperture location, size, shape and blockage.

Stencil users in production facilities can also use ScanSTENCIL to verify the absence/presence of apertures, confirm proper aperture shape and size, confirm proper aperture position and ensure that stencils match the current PCB revision. When used to inspect existing stencils after cleaning and/or before production starts, ScanSTENCIL can detect partially obstructed or damaged apertures that cause poor paste deposits, along with other potential causes of printing defects.

ScanSTENCIL can also be upgraded with additional software modules, ScanINSPECT VPI -Virtual Product Inspection, that permit the creation of component vision libraries, programming of automated assembly equipment and first article inspection of bare, printed or populated boards, "ScanINSPECT VPI confirms in advance that all variables will be successful prior to production, eliminating common problems that arise in NPI or product change over" said Bill Loving, President of ScanCAD International, Inc.

Used by most of the stencil fabrication industry, ScanSTENCIL is part of a family of pre-process verification tools available from ScanCAD International designed to improve process yield. It is one of an array of products designed to aid in inspection and data creation in the electronics, photo chemical machining, semiconductor, solar, fuel cell and textile industries.

ScanCAD brought its first product, ScanFAB, to market over 18 years ago to aid in the creation of Gerber and Cad data by scanning existing circuit boards or films used to fabricate replacements for legacy PCBs no longer available from stock. Reverse engineering capability in conjunction with a global network of distributors, helped to quadruple the company's growth in its first five years. Re-engineering products continue to make up 10 to 20 percent of ScanCAD's' revenue. This same re-engineering capability is an integral part of the ScanSTENCIL system, permitting users to create or modify stencil Gerber data using calibrated images of existing PCBs.

About ScanCAD International

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado (USA) and with offices in Michigan and Italy, ScanCAD International utilizes an extensive network of local distributors, manufacturer representatives and OEM channels to support its customer base. Over 900 customers in 42 countries benefit from ScanCAD's scanner based systems designed to detect production problems before they occur, saving rework time and eliminating the costly waste of unnecessary value added processes while leading to a faster ROI.

ScanCAD has always provided customers with reliable, upgradeable, low cost and powerful solutions. ScanCAD products are a safe investment. In the areas of PCB Reverse Engineering (Legacy Re-Engineering) and Stencil and Hybrid Screen inspection, ScanCAD has set the standard for the industry and is the market leader.

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