Quadrant's M2-SS Cryogenic Ball Valve passes BS6364 Testing at Yarmouth Testing Labs

On February 2, 2006, Quadrant's M2-SS 3-Piece Cryogenic Ball Valve successfully passed both British Standard BS6364 "Valves for Cryogenic Service" and the new MSS "Valves for Cryogenic Service" Draft Standard. This testing requires immersion in liquid nitrogen @ -321F for one hour, then (20) cycles at full rated pressure (1920PSIG) with helium as a test gas, then valve is tested for both external and across-valve leakage with helium. This product line will be offered in 1/4"-2" sizes in NPT, extended socket-weld and extended butt-weld end connections.

Quadrant will target the quickly growing LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) processing terminals being built in the USA and Globally.

For additional information, please contact us at the Quadrant factory.

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