qTOWER 2.0 PCR Thermal Cycler Offered by Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – The qTOWER 2.0 PCR Thermal Cycler from Analytik Jena performs quantitative amplification of genetic samples in tubes, strips and microplates. Fluorescent measurements are taken with fiber-optics, and the heated lid prevents build-up of condensation that could contaminate samples.

Blue, white and red LED bulbs are used to excite the samples’ fluorescent dyes, providing a wide spectral range of colors and allowing multiplex testing. The patented fiber-optic system increases speed of results, and ensures consistent readability for each sample. qTOWER is optimized for samples between 10 µl and 60 µl.

A gold-plated silver block creates homogenous temperature, with a deviation of only 0.2°C. These thermal-conductive metals also ensure fast heating (5.5°C/sec) and cooling (4.0°C/sec) rates. The qTOWER lid applies contact pressure on samples, and heats up to 110°C to avoid condensation formation.

Intuitive, password-protected multilingual software allows control of experiments through a personal computer. Enter cycles into memory, and automatically perform real-time data analysis. Features include delta-delta Ct analysis, absolute and relative quantification, allelic discrimination and expression ratios. Recall data from previous cycles, and store, print, export and report.

Laboratory-Equipment.com, a Terra Universal brand, offers hundreds of top-tier laboratory instruments and supplies. Learn more about the qTOWER 2.0 Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler from Analytik Jena by visiting Laboratory-Equipment.com.

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