Qtel Manages Growing Subscriber Base with Apertio One

Bristol, UK, 26 April 2007: Apertio today announces Qtel is using the Apertio One-HLR (Home Location Register) to manage record subscriber growth. Qtel, with subscribers on pre and post paid, 2G, 3G and new generation, is utilising a single Apertio One-HLR for all its network and subscriber data. Providing an instantly scalable solution, Apertio One-HLR enables Qtel to continue to offer a premier service across its diverse customer base.

Through Apertio's distributed architecture, enabling real-time replication across geographically disparate sites, business continuity and network integrity is assured, which is critical in a time of growth.

A growing customer base is only part of the story as Qtel subscribers create three to four times the amount of network traffic of their European counterparts. Effectively managing this increased traffic and guaranteeing network performance is made possible through Apertio One-HLR's highly scalable, multi-dimensional platform.

"With Apertio we are able to rapidly and cost effectively scale to meet subscriber and traffic growth," said Fahad bin Jassim Al Thani, executive director, wireless at Qtel. "Apertio One-HLRs centralised directory, based on open, IT standards-based software, allows us to instantly access subscriber data and places us in full control of new service deployment."

Qtel also benefits from reductions in OPEX and CAPEX as Apertio's unique software based applications require little capital expenditure and only minimal support levels, allowing Qtel to focus resources into new service generation and its new generation infrastructure.

"There is growing industry recognition that conventional core network infrastructures based on proprietary hardware is costly, inefficient, and more importantly inhibits growth and expansion," said Andrew Wyatt, Chief Product Operations Officer at Apertio. "Qtel recognised that in order to continually enhance and expand its services, a software-based approach to core networks was the only way it could do so in a cost-effective manner. This also lays the foundations for full IP-based services."

Apertio One-HLR is a module of the Apertio One portfolio of software-based core network products, built on open industry standards, transforming traditional networks by enabling communications service providers to place the subscriber at the heart of their businesses.

About Apertio

Apertio is the leading independent provider of subscriber-centric networks for mobile, fixed and converged telecommunications operators.

Its software application suite, Apertio One, delivers a single, open, subscriber-centric architecture for current and new generation networks. The suite includes Apertio One-NDS (Network Directory Server), Apertio One-HLR (Home Location Register) and Apertio One-HSS (Home Subscriber Server).

The Apertio One architecture eliminates complexity and cost. It dramatically simplifies the network and places the subscriber at its heart to deliver increased revenue through rapid service deployment, and lays the foundation for IMS in networks today.

Apertio's customers number among the world's largest and fastest growing telecommunications operators including Orange,T-Mobile, Vodafone and AIS. The company is privately held, and headquartered in Bristol, UK, with offices in Chicago, Bangkok, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. For more information visit: apertio.com.

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