Qosina Extension with Flow Controller

Edgewood, NY, April 10, 2007 - Qosina is pleased to add a new Extension Set with
Flow Controller (Part # 17549) to our inventory. Our 15 inch long extension set is built of PVC tubing with a polycarbonate flow controller bonded within the tubing length. The ABS male luer and PVC female luer are bonded on the tubing ends. Each luer has a polyethylene cap. The flow controller's clearly marked cylinder has measurements from 5 to 250 milliliters per hour. An internal chamber regulates the flow. Two hands are required to adjust the controller, preventing involuntary motion.

Qosina's extension set offers a cost-effective way to save time by having a pre-assembled section for inclusion in the fluid line.

At Qosina, with an inventory of over 5,000 SKUs of medical quality disposables, we can meet your design needs for connectors, syringes, clamps, tubing, caps, clips, spikes and other medical components.

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