QNX Library for the PowerDNA DAQ Cube

Canton, MA (December 15, 2006) - United Electronic Industries (UEI) announces it has added complete QNX Real Time Operating System (RTOS) support for its popular PowerDNA series of data acquisition and control cubes. With the new PowerDNA QNX library, QNX developers obtain the functionality and ease of use provided by UEI's standard Windows and Linux interfaces and also take advantage of the deterministic timing afforded by QNX. The Library may be deployed on any host computer running the QNX RTOS and connected to the PowerDNA cube over the Ethernet (10/100baseT).

The library is fully compatible with all popular versions of QNX including revisions 4.x and 6.x. In addition to the library, the support package includes a host of helpful example and demonstration programs as well as complete documentation.

The QNX library supports three operating modes.

Immediate Mode: The host polls data from or writes data to the cube in a fully software controlled mode.

DMAP: The cube acquires data paced by its internal clock and transfers each scan independently over the network to the host. DMAP mode is specifically designed for high speed, real-time control applications. This patented protocol guarantees 1000 analog/digital I/O points are updated in less than 1 ms (millisecond).

Circular Buffer: In the Advanced Circular Buffer (ACB) mode, the cube acquires data paced by its internal clock and transfers it into buffers over the network to the host. This buffer ensures no data is lost during times when the network is busy performing other tasks.

"The PowerDNA Cube has been very popular in control applications" according to UEI President Shaun Miller, "The new library allows developers wishing to take advantage of QNX's real-time capabilities to quickly and easily develop data acquisition and control programs for the PowerDNA series."

QNX for PowerDNA $300
QNX PowerDNA run-time $30 per installation

About the PowerDNA Cube
PowerDNA (Distributed Networked Automation)-is a compact (4 x 4 x 4" or 4 x 4 x 5.8") Ethernet based data acquisition and control device. Each PowerDNA Cube consists of a core module (that holds the processor and network interface) along with three or six open I/O slots or layers. Users configure their system by selecting appropriate I/O boards from UEI's extensive offering of analog input (with resolutions of 16, 18 or 24 bits, inputs to 100V or 0-20 mA), analog output (to 40V), digital input/output, counter/timer, CAN bus interface, multi-port RS-485 and RS-232, and power conversion. A full description of PowerDNA is available at http://ueidaq.com/products/powerdna/.

About UEI
Founded in 1990, UEI is a leader in the computer based data acquisition and control industry. Serving customers world-wide, UEI products based upon PCI, PXI, ISA and Ethernet interfaces offer unequaled performance as well as flexibility. We are committed to providing the highest quality hardware, software and services, enabling engineers and scientists to interface data-acquisition and control hardware to the real world. Through our state-of-the-art technologies we serve the needs of individual researchers and developers as well as OEMs.

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