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Buffalo Gove, Illinois - June 29, 2009 - QCSS, a leader and innovator in the telemarketing industry, provides database cleansing services.

Every company, organization, and firm seeks to maximize their marketing efforts each year. To do so, specific, target audiences must be reached. Oftentimes, due to disorganization within mailing and calling lists, massive losses in reaching a target occur. The United States Postal service alone reports that an impressive 35% of all bulk mail mailed every year ends up in the garbage due to inaccurate addressing. This is why QCSS provides database cleansing services- so companies can minimize their marketing losses and reach out to a database of clientele that is accurate and updated.

Database cleansing services at QCSS include a variety of processes. We dedup lists so that the same numbers are never in your call list more than once. By deduping your lists, time and effort are not wasted making multiple calls to the same household or firm. Once we are on the line with a prospect, we always verify all contact information, ensuring that your lists are accurate and updated.

Though e-mail has been popular since the 1990's, it has most recently become one of the most popular forums for advertising, confirming appointments, and sending news updates. Because of this, QCSS makes every effort to maximize e-mail capture. Gathering e-mail addresses will help your company with future marketing efforts as you will have a list of interested prospects to relay your company's information to.

With clean data you take the guesswork out of who you are marketing to, and are able to segregate data according to specific targets. You will have the to ability to engage in specific target marketing- meaning your can run calls lists according to zip codes, cities, company titles ect.

Database cleansing is a valuable tool that will help any business manage more timely, cost-effective, and successful sales results. Keeping updating information and staying organized are vital to sustaining or increasing a firm's revenues, and database cleansing could be just the tool your company needs to yield higher success rates.

About QCSS

QCSS, Quality Customer Service and Sales, generates revenue opportunities for companies who want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts whether inbound customer service, answering services, or outbound lead generation and appointment setting. As a leader and innovator in the sales and marketing industry for over 17 years, QCSS provides clients with a dedicated team of telephone sales representatives, a quality assurance staff, and the best inbound/outbound calling technology on the market. For more information, please visit www.qcssinc.com.

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