QC Software Applications Increase Customer's Warehouse Productivity by 40%

It was a problem that most companies would envy. Our customer quickly experienced a tremendous growth in sales. However, warehouse operations could not keep up with the demand. Their goal was to increase capacity and reduce order fulfillment time without making costly modifications to their warehouse management system. After careful consideration, QC Software was chosen to provide a cost-effective, proven solution.

QC Software's Order Management System (QC OMS) was implemented to manage order fulfillment. Wave planning helped them efficiently plan and manage picking activities. By using a combination of technologies, including QC Navigator's zone skipping logic, RF picking, and pick-to-light technology, our customer immediately realized a 40% increase in productivity! With QC OMS, they were also able to verify all orders using scanners to ensure order accuracy. They could now efficiently handle the increased volume, minimize errors and improve customer satisfaction.

When a new ERP system and warehouse management system were installed to accommodate continued growth, QC Software's applications had the flexibility to support the necessary changes with minimal disruption.

As customer operations expanded, our software engineers were able to add enhancements quickly and efficiently because of the configurable and scalable nature of our applications. This allowed us to support our customer's current needs, as well as changing requirements and long-range goals.

QC Software is recognized as an industry leader in providing innovative and adaptive software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers. For over 15 years, their solutions have enabled customers to streamline their warehouse operations with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Their results-driven solutions are leading the way in profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

For more information, contact Jerry List

Phone: 513-469-1424

Website: www.qcsoftware.com

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