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Pyrometer Calibrator offers auto-tune PID control.

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Pyrometer Calibrator offers auto-tune PID control.

Feb 13, 2012 - With dual ranges of 50-300°C and 250-600°C, Black Body BBSD Dual provides simultaneous measurement of low and medium temperatures. Portable non-contact unit offers 1°C resolution, ±0.5°C stability, and accuracy within 0.5% of indicated temperature. Operating from 230 Vac/50 Hz power supply, calibration system heats to max temperature in 45 minutes with stabilization time of 30 minutes.

E Instruments International - Langhorne, PA

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Black Body BBSD Dual for Non-Contact Pyrometer Calibration

Press release date: Feb 08, 2012

The BRAND NEW Black Body BBSD Dual is a portable, rugged & VERY easy-to-use Non-Contact Pyrometer Calibrator System ideal for Simultaneous Measurement of Low & Medium Temperatures.

The Black Body BBSD is a highly accurate pyrometer calibrator instrument. In addition to excellent stability it offers auto-tune PID control.

The Black Body BBSD Dual Includes:

- Dual Ranges: 50°C to 300°C & 250°C to 600°C
- Accuracy:
Chamber 1: Within 0.5% of indicated temperature (Min. 1°C)
Chamber 2: Within 0.5% of indicated temperature (Min.2°C)
- 1°C Resolution
- Stability of ± 0.5°C
- Heating Time: (to max) 45 minutes
- Stablization time: 30 minutes
- Auto tune PID Controller
- Emissivity: 0.98
- Power Supply: 230 VAC / 50 Hz

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