Pyranometer features low power, smart interface.

Press Release Summary:

Offering digital and amplified analog outputs, Smart SMP Pyranometers measure total (global) irradiance from sun and sky falling on plane surface in ~0.3-3 µm range. Integrated Smart Interface provides versatile outputs and 2-way data communication, while digitally temperature-corrected detector signal from built-in sensor makes irradiance measurements temperature independent. Also, integrated Modbus® enables connection to digital equipment such as PLCs.

Original Press Release:

The More Intelligent Way to Measure Solar Irradiance

DELFT, The Netherlands -- Kipp & Zonen proudly presents a new and intelligent generation of pyranometers. Equipped with an extremely low power Smart Interface, the new Smart SMP Pyranometers offer industry standard digital and amplified analog outputs within the well-known CMP series housings.

Customer feedback, state of the art technology and the expertise of a team of Kipp & Zonen engineers have resulted in a unique new pyranometer range. It is built on the proven design and technology of the CMP series, but includes an Integrated Smart Interface that provides versatile outputs and two-way data communication.

"The active use of a built-in temperature sensor is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the development of the SMP Smart Pyranometer. The detector signal is digitally temperature corrected and makes the SMP Smart pyranometers irradiance measurements temperature-independent over a very wide range," said Ruud Ringoir, product manager at Kipp & Zonen. "Thanks to the integrated Modbus(R) you now can communicate with your pyranometer allowing connection to digital equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLC's). Moreover all SMP pyranometers are programmed to have identical sensitivity and output levels, making them easily interchangeable for re-calibration or service."

Kipp & Zonen has been manufacturing pyranometers for over 80 years. These instruments are designed for measuring the total (global) irradiance from the sun and sky falling on a plane surface in the wavelength range from approximately 0.3 to 3 microm (micrometers).

With the new SMP Smart Pyranometer Series Kipp & Zonen combines class-leading instruments and industry standard interfaces into one unique instrument.

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