PXIe Hybrid Chassis meets high power ATE system requirements.

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Consisting of 4U rugged mainframe with -10 to +55°C temperature range, Model CMX18 features advanced PCIe switch fabric for non-transparent switching and partionable architecture for true deterministic slot-slot communications, allowing multiple test engines to be housed within one mainframe. Built-in health monitoring gives user feedback of temperature, fan speed, and supply line monitoring to minimize MTTR. Designed with 1,000 W power supply, CMX18 operates at 91% power efficiency.

Original Press Release:

Self-Monitoring 18-Slot PXI Express Hybrid Chassis Addresses High Power ATE System Requirements

Irvine, CA — VTI Instruments is pleased to announce the introduction of its CMX18 - a high power hybrid PXIe chassis designed for ATE test systems. Leveraging the companies experience in designing and providing high power VXI mainframes for ATE, the CMX provides extensive built-in health monitoring, giving the user feedback of temperature, fan speed (airflow) and supply line monitoring to help reduce the mean-time to repair (MTTR), or shut down the system in real-time if a fault condition occurs. Cooling has been designed to satisfy ATE rack cooling conventions, pulling air from the sides and bottom, evenly distributing, and exhausting to the rear. Rack mount kits provide recessing the mainframe to accommodate cable harnesses as well as seamless integration with mass interconnect systems.   

"The performance of our CMX18 is unmatched" said Tom Sarfi, Director of Modular Instrumentation Products. "Not only is it a true 4U rugged construction mainframe with an extended operating temperature range between -10 to +55°C, but we have also designed in an advanced PCIe switch fabric, for non-transparent switching and a partionable architecture for true deterministic slot-slot communications. This allows multiple test engines to be housed within one mainframe, allowing for parallel tests, thus improving product test throughput".  

Designed with a 1000 Watt power supply, the CMX18 operates at 91% power efficiency, easily satisfying the most power hungry application requirements. For multi-channel data acquisition applications, when combined with the EMX-2500 LXI-PXIe interface, The CMX18 provides IEEE-1588 time source distribution to all slots providing for a time-stamped deterministic multi-channel solution. The clock synchronization between a single master instrument and multiple slaves is achieved using standard Ethernet cables, resulting in simplified installation and maintenance.

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