PWM Single/Dual Servo Drive suits demanding motion applications.

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Combining NanoPWM and DRBoost technologies, dual-axis NPApm Series supports two ±10 V sin wave current commutation commands and can operate with any motion controller to address motion application requirements regarding move and settle times, standstill jitter, and velocity smoothness. In addition to built-in motor shortening relays, drives also feature STO (Safe Torque Off). Software support tools are provided for module configuration, setup and tuning.

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ACS Launches Industry's Most Advanced PWM Single/Dual Servo Drive

New NPApm Series dual axis NanoPWM servo drive module supports ±10V current commutation commands...

BLOOMINGTON, MN – ACS Motion Control has developed a pulse width modulation single/dual servo drive that supports two ±10V sin wave current commutation commands. Part of the NanoPWM family of servo drives, the NPApm Series can operate with any motion controller to address the most demanding motion applications with regards to move and settle times, standstill jitter, and velocity smoothness.

The NPApm Series has already been used with great effectiveness in applications like wafer metrology and inspection, FPD inspection, and ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components.

The NPApm combines the ACS NanoPWM and the new DRBoost proprietary technology to provide stand still jitter and tracking error performance that exceeds the performance of linear drives. As a result, the NPApm provides all the benefits of a PWM type drive, such as significantly lower heat dissipation, enhanced reliability, simpler supply requirements, smaller size, simpler setup, built-in motor shortening relays and STO (Safe Torque Off), at reduced cost of ownership.

"Via the NPApm Series, we are proud to showcase our new DRBoost technology that enables the external controller to dynamically modify the dynamic range of the command," said Ze'ev Kirshenboim, ACS Motion Control president. "As a result of our unique approach to motion control, the NPApm Series is the most advanced PWM single/dual servo drive currently available on the market."

A comprehensive set of software support tools are provided for the module configuration, setup and tuning.

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