PWM Module is available for Allen-Bradley Point I/O.

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Referenced within Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ Encompass program, 4402 two-channel Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal controller for Point I/O™ works with Allen-Bradley PLCs. Module generates square wave pulse signal with 0%–100% programmable duty cycle and 1 Hz to 20 kHz programmable frequency and can also be programmed to add dithering element to PWM output. Programmable output frequency and duty cycle provide sophisticated control for hydraulic and pneumatic control devices.

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Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Module for Allen-Bradley Point I/O

Terryville, CT – Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), introduces their 4402 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Module for Allen-Bradley Point I/O™. The module is referenced within the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ Encompass program, and is the only PWM controller for Allen-Bradley PLCs.

AMCI’s 4402 is a 2-channel Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal controller for Point I/O. The module generates a square wave pulse signal with 0% - 100% programmable duty cycle and a 1Hz to 20kHz programmable frequency. The 4402 module can also be programmed to add a dithering element to the PWM output.

The programmable output frequency and duty cycle provide sophisticated control for a wide range of hydraulic or pneumatic control devices, including dc motors, pumps, hydraulics, valves, and assorted electromechanical devices.

“The new 4402 PWM module for Point I/O offers more precise flow for proportional valve control. Instead of being limited to “open” or “closed”, the PWM module enables users to open the valve precisely for applications involving infinitely adjustable liquid or gas flow volumes. The Point I/O offers a low price point, and integrates seamlessly into your Studio 5000 or RSLogix500 software.” – Matt Tellier, AMCI Motion Control Product Manager.

All of AMCI’s plug in modules for Allen Bradley PLCs utilize Rockwell Automation licensed technology and have been approved within the Rockwell Automation Encompass™ program. The Encompass program provides Rockwell Automation customers with a quick and concise way to locate compatible products that offer unique functionality.

AMCI offers a wide assortment of specialty plug-in modules for Allen Bradley PLCs. Available specialty functions include: analog high speed data acquisition, resolver interface, SSI interface, LDT interface, PLS control, press control, PWM (pulse width modulation), and stepper/servo motion control. To learn more, visit:

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Founded in 1985, Advanced Micro Controls, Inc. (AMCI) is a leading U.S. based manufacturer with a global presence. AMCI industrial control products improve PLC-based automation systems with specialized position sensing and motion control technology that simplifies automation and adds reliability to manufacturing processes. AMCI designs and manufactures all of their products, enabling superior quality and innovation. The company provides 24/7 technical support staff, ready to answer questions about installation, configuration and operation of all AMCI products.

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