PV Plant Control includes USB interface.

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Sunny Beam communicates via radio transmission with up to 4 Sunny Boy inverters, allowing user to check status and yield of inverters from anywhere within home or office. Display shows daily performance, momentary output power, current day's energy yield, and total energy yield. Daily energy yield of current month or last 31 days can be read out to PC or notebook using Sunny Data Control software. USB interface enables connection to any computer via standard USB cable.

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SMA Technologie AG Expands Functional Range of PV Plant Control

Sunny Beam to Computer: USB Data Transfer Now Available

Niestetal, 6/2/2005 - Sunny Beam is SMA's convenient solution for controlling PV plants. Convenient in that the Sunny Beam communicates via radio transmission with up to four Sunny Boy inverters. This makes for extraordinary mobility and allows the owner to check the status and yield of SMA inverters from anywhere within the home or office at any time. Sunny Beam is now available with a USB interface opening up comprehensive options for data display and analysis on any computer.

Now, either the daily energy yield of the current month or of the last 31 days can be read out to a PC or notebook using the Sunny Data Control software. Due to the integrated USB interface, a fast and easy connection to any computer can be achieved via standard USB cable. Relevant data analysis, and data storage and display of the energy yield of a PV plant is now easily manageable with the attractively designed Sunny Beam.

All necessary software (Sunny Data Control, USB driver, current firmware) is available for downloading at www.SMA.de.

Having invested in the professional planning and installation of, and in the high-grade inverters for a PV plant, owners are naturally also interested in tracking the flow of solar power and the smooth operation of their system. Sunny Beam combines an attractive and decorative design with simple system monitoring because it provides all the important data at a glance: The easy-to-read display shows the daily performance, the momentary output power, the current day's energy yield and the total energy yield. Power is supplied by an integrated solar cell and wireless data transfer between the Sunny Beam and the inverters is achieved via radio transmission.

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