PV Inverters and Combiner Boxes are No Match for Bridgeport's 'Team Done That'

STRATFORD, Conn. – A national solar systems provider was recently faced with a predicament that would have delayed one of its larger installation projects. It looked like the contractor couldn’t employ the Bridgeport rain-tight fittings ordered for the job.

Aiming to quickly remedy the situation, a member of Bridgeport’s technical sales team came to meet with the installer. The on-site investigation revealed the cause of the predicament: the contractor was using a PV combiner box constructed of .26-inch thick plastic material. There were not enough threads on the Bridgeport fitting to accommodate this size. The one-inch connector threads were being taken up by the thick plastic walls, leaving barely enough exposed thread for the locknut, never mind the required grounding bushing.

The immediate solution was simple: use Bridgeport’s 161-G Series Grounding Locknut in conjunction with a code-approved 193 Lock-a-Liner™, providing the proper bushed pathway to ground.

But the story does not end here. Because of the solar installer’s initial predicament, Bridgeport Fittings’ engineers developed a completely new rain-tight solution that would eliminate such problems in the future: the Extra Long ½”, ¾” and 1” Raintight EMT Connectors. (To view this solution, go to www.bptfittings.com and enter part number 252-RT2XL to “See the Bridgeport Fittings’ Difference.”)

Bridgeport’s Raintight fittings are part of Bridgeport’s full range of electrical solutions that can be found in the “Wall of Orange™” – a completely stocked selection of quality electrical fittings and innovative product solutions available from major electrical distributorships across the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about Bridgeport’s solutions that help contractors become more productive on the job site, contact: Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., 705 Lordship Blvd., Stratford, CT 06615; Tel: 203-377-5944; Fax: 203-381-3488; or visit Bridgeport’s Website at www.bptfittings.com.

Media contact: Harry McBrien, Maier True Communication, 860-470-3127; harry@maier.com

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