Push Cart promotes lean workplace procedures.

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Made of plastic coated tubing, joints, and accessories, Push Cart features 6 wheels, including fixed larger diameter center wheels, so that cart pivots about middle, providing near-zero turning radius. Cart incorporates 24 x 36 in. platform shelf, and both shelf and cart's support structure/frame are configured to hold 500 lb. Platform height is 24 in. for comfortable loading and unloading. Clipboard style work surface is mounted between handle and upper cross frame.

Original Press Release:

New Push Cart Design Combines Maneuvering, Load Capacity, Ergonomics

Creform® Corporation (Greer, SC) has developed a new structure concept employing the Creform® System-a series of plastic coated tubing, joints and accessories-to provide
manufacturing operations and/or warehousing services with an efficient push cart design that promotes lean workplace procedures. The new cart features a near-zero turning radius plus ergonomic construction along with hefty weight and size loading capacities. The cart is ideal for limited access aisle ways and a wide range of uses including order picking and moving parts into confined-space around workstations.

The basic cart features six wheels, with the larger diameter center wheel casters being fixed so that cart pivots about the middle, providing 'turn-on-a-dime' handling. This enhances maneuverability in restrictive, narrow aisles, especially blind or dead-end pathways. This also allows the operator to steer and push the cart with minimal effort to and from machining or process locations. The four swivel casters, positioned as a traditional cart at the corners of the structure help to support and distribute the load while ensuring stability and safety during loading/unloading and travel operations.

The standard cart design incorporates a 24" x 36" platform shelf, and both the shelf and the cart's support structure/frame are configured to hold 500 pounds. The platform's height is 24" for comfortable loading and unloading.

The cart's unique design features also include a contoured handle with rounded corners shaped to farther minimize the unit's turning radius. The push handle is height adjustable to optimize operator comfort and ergonomics.

A clipboard style work surface is mounted between the handle and the upper cross frame of the cart in a horizontal or inclined plane, depending upon operator preference. This work pad can be used to present picking lists, work orders, blueprints, inspection routines, maintenance instructions, or as a writing surface for making notes.

With the ease of design modifications and simplistic construction techniques the "standard" specifications of the cart can be customized, including greater load carrying capacities, larger shelf area or shelves positioned at varying heights, the addition of a second shelf, or with side guarding rails to prevent loads from shifting and falling.

The maneuvering cart can also be constructed using static-protective ESD joints and pipes for conveyance of static sensitive materials. For extensive warehousing operations it can be equipped with electronic picking sensors and hardware. An assortment of pipe colors are available for distinguishing carts by department, personnel or for specific uses. Creform offers the cart as a kit with components ready for user assembly, or as a completed, assembled structure-both packages sized and fabricated to customer specifications.

Visit www.creform.com for additional information regarding Creform Corporation, its products and applications.

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