Push Button Laser Sensor offers feature and event detection.

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WORLD-BEAM(TM) QS30 offers visible laser beam for alignment and diffuse-mode sensing capabilities. Active area is measured at 16 in. (Class I) and 28 in. (Class II), and optical design permits use through transparent walls. Bargraph displays bright LEDs, providing feedback during setup and operation. Unit operates from 10 to 30 Vdc and includes reverse polarity protection, two 150 mA solid state outputs (NPN and PNP), and transient voltage protection.

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New Push-Button Laser Sensors Provide Superior Feature And Event Detection

Minneapolis, MN-July, 26 2002-Banner Engineering Corp. has announced new WORLD-BEAM(TM) QS30 diffuse laser sensors that feature a visible laser beam for superior ease of alignment and long-range diffuse-mode sensing capabilities. The QS30 is an easy-to-use, high-performance laser sensor whose many configuration options make it suitable for demanding applications. It provides high-performance sensing in low-contrast applications up to 400 mm (16") away from the object for Class I and 700 mm (28") for Class II. This new sensor performs effortlessly in error-proofing applications requiring parts or process event presence detection. It's unique optical design also permits use through transparent walls for hopper or view-port applications and accurate feature detection, such as presence of threads on a bolt or tapped into an opening. It can also be used for edge detection, end of material detection or overheight identification.

The easy-to-see bargraph displays bright LEDs, providing the user valuable feedback during setup and operation. For maximum efficiency and convenience, one or more sensors can be programmed from an external switch or PLC, via a remote TEACH wire. The wire can also be used to disable the push buttons for security. Disabling the push buttons prevents undesired tampering by unauthorized personnel.

Especially significant is the ease and accuracy of setup with the visible light beam of the laser and the dynamic feedback of an 8-segment LED bargraph display. The QS30 features extremely simple, push-button single or two-point static, and two-point dynamic TEACH programming, plus a manual adjustment mode for fine-tuning. Static TEACH computes each sensing condition individually after the good and bad conditions are presented. Dynamic TEACH is used to program the sensor "on-the-fly" during actual machine-run conditions by taking multiple samples of the light and dark conditions and automatically setting the threshold at the required level.

The QS30 diffuse laser is available in a Class I laser format with a range of 400 mm (16") or Class II laser with an active range of 700 mm (28"). Pricing for the QS30 begins at $139.00. The unit operates from 10 to 30V dc, and includes reverse polarity protection, two 150 mA solid state outputs (NPN and PNP), and transient voltage protection. The popular 30 mm threaded nose, side-mounting holes and special brackets provide numerous mounting options. It features a rugged housing, rated IEC IP67 and NEMA 6. Users can choose models with a 2 m (6.5') 5-conductor PVC cable, a 9 m (30') PVC cable, or 5-pin integral Euro-style quick disconnect.

Banner Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of fiber optic assemblies, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, electronic machine guarding systems, and precision measurement systems. For further information, contact: Banner Engineering Corp., PO Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55440. Ph: 888-373-6767 (Toll-free, North America) or 001-763-544-3164 (International). Fax: 763-544-3213. email: sensors@bannerengineering.com e-commerce: www.buybanneronline.com Web: http://www. bannerengineering.com

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