Pure Metals are Essential Components for a Variety of Industrial Applications

Belmont Metals is a worldwide supplier of non-ferrous metals in all pure form, in alloys, or customized shapes such as shot and pieces. Belmont now introduces chromium which is the ingredient you need to make brilliant products, or better put, to add attractive shininess to manufactured parts.

Featured here is Chromium (Cu) which has long been the chief ingredient in stainless steel. We are now expanding on that by producing 1.3% chromium copper casting alloys. In addition to that we now offer 5% to 10% master alloys. Chromium serves to strengthen and harden copper, while retaining its high natural conductivity.

Another pure metal is gold (Au) in addition to its use in fine jewelry, dentistry, and decorative plating for plates and statues, Gold's outstanding resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for industrial applications, in particular to preserve electrical contacts from the effects of weather and acids. While Belmont doesn't sell or process Gold, our very pure Cadmium, Copper, Nickel and Zinc are widely used in Gold alloys by our valued customers in the precious metals industry. Other special application pure metals include cobalt, columbium or niobium and gallium.

Belmont Metals offers pure metals and alloys in the custom shapes or sizes you require at low prices. With over 1,000 products in inventory coupled with our lustrous reputation for metallurgical innovation, Belmont provides the vital ingredients for your business success.

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