Pure Diamond Grade provides wear resistance.

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Type KD1405 pure diamond cutting tool material can increase tool life 100-200% relative to conventional PCD tooling on continuous to lightly interrupted turning, finishing, and semi-finishing milling applications. Material is produced using chemical vapor deposition applied by plasma torch method, providing pure diamond microstructure that is tough enough to withstand milling operations. KD1405 is suitable for cutting highly abrasive, non-ferrous materials.

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New Pure Diamond Grade Provides Dramatic Increases in Wear Resistance

(Latrobe, PA) -- As the first pure diamond cutting tool material with the toughness required for a wide range of machining operations, Kennametal's new KD1405 has the ability to provide dramatic improvements in wear resistance. The new material can increase tool life 100% to 200% relative to conventional polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tooling on continuous to lightly interrupted turning and finishing and semifinishing milling applications. KD1405 is designed for cutting highly abrasive non-ferrous materials such as aluminum alloys with moderate to high silicon content, metal matrix composites, carbon composites, reinforced plastics, and brass bronze and other non-ferrous materials. "We believe this new material is the most exciting advancement in diamond tooling technology since PCD arrived over 25 years ago," said Randy Stas, Product Specialist for Kennametal. "KD1405 brings the ultimate in wear resistance, the best surface finishes, and the highest accuracy and precision to a wide range of applications."

Conventional PCD tooling uses a cobalt catalyst that adds strength but also is subject to chemical reactions that are the most common failure mechanism with this type of material. KD1405 results from a breakthrough in diamond-processing technology that makes it possible to achieve much higher strength and toughness without a binder, resulting in dramatic improvements in wear resistance. The new material is produced using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), applied by a plasma torch method, providing a pure diamond microstructure that is tough enough to withstand milling operations. The fact that the new cutting material maintains a sharper edge longer than PCD tooling helps to improve surface finishes and maintain tight dimensional tolerances. The tip is vacuum brazed to a carbide insert in a process that provides tip adhesion properties superior to PCD. A unique edge preparation provides a tough cutting edge that is sharp enough to shear the workpiece material while providing low tool pressure and excellent results on thin-walled parts.

"In the tests we have run to date against conventional PCD tooling, we haven't had a case where KD1405 did not provide at least a 75% improvement and, in most instances, it lasted between two and three times as long, " said Tim Marshall, Product Manager for Kennametal. Marshall pointed to the following users who can benefit from the use of KD1405: 1) automotive OEMs and suppliers machining components; 2) aerospace related firms making wing spars and skins; 3) precision specialty shops producing bicycle frames and components and other recreation equipment; 4) defense firms machining exotic composite materials such as carbon fibers and graphite; 5) semiconductor companies manufacturing aluminum-based sputtering targets; and 6) companies producing pump housings, compressors, and outboard/inboard recreation engines. Marshall said that KD1405 will complement Kennametal's existing KD100 PCD grade which will still be the recommended choice for applications requiring additional toughness, such as rough milling and heavy-interrupted turning operations.

To round out its diamond tooling portfolio, Kennametal also offers a thin-film diamond-coated product that's made by a manufacturing process similar to that used to produce KD1405. The benefits of this product include economy of multiple cutting edges, chip control topographies, and no depth-of-cut restrictions.

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