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For use in 10-station Euromac XMTE10 Multi Tool, XMT(TM) 12.7 mm tooling accommodates round and shaped tools with diagonal dimensions up to 0.500 in. XMTE10 Multi Tool assemblies accept 2x XMT 24 mm punches, strippers, and dies (rounds or shapes) or 4x XMT 12.7 mm punches, strippers, and dies (rounds/shapes or rounds only). High speed steel (HSS) punches have ¼° back taper and near polished flanks, hardened strippers feature clearance of 0.0017 in., and dies include Slug Free® geometry.

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Mate Expands XMT(TM) Tool System for the New Euromac Multi Tool

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Anoka, Minnesota: Mate announces expansion of its XMT(TM) tooling system with the addition of the XMT 12.7 mm punch, stripper and Slug Free® die to suit the new XMTE10 multi tool.

Designed for use in the new 10-station Euromac XMTE10 Multi Tool, this XMT 12.7 mm tooling will accommodate round and shaped tools with a diagonal dimension up to 0.500 inch (12.70 mm). These new Mate XMTE10 Multi Tool assemblies are configured to accept the following:
o 2x XMT 24 mm punches, strippers and dies (rounds or shapes).
o 4x XMT 12.7 mm punches, strippers and dies (rounds or shapes).
o 4x XMT 12.7 mm punches, strippers and dies (rounds only).

The XMTE10 is an expansion of the exclusive range of Euromac multi tools from Mate that already includes the 6-station XMTE6 multi tool system.

XMT Tooling Has Features For Enhanced Punching Performance

The new XMT 12.7 mm multi tool tooling and existing line of XMT 24 mm tooling is designed with numerous features for superior punching performance including high speed steel (HSS) punches for exceptional interval between regrinds. Punches have a ¼ degree back taper and near polished flanks to reduce friction and eliminate galling. Hardened strippers feature a tight clearance of 0.0017 inch (0.04 mm) for best punch guiding. Dies include Slug Free® geometry to eliminate slug pulling and also feature uniform clearance radii in die corners to improve piece part quality.

"The expansion of Mate's XMT tooling and the introduction of Euromac's XMTE10 multi tool gives Euromac users another set of options in planning their fabricating projects," reports Andy Spence Parsons, Mate marketing manager. "With Mate's full range of tooling systems for Euromac punch presses, users can choose exactly the tooling that will suit their projects best."

Mate is a world-leading supplier of superior high quality punch press tooling providing best in-field technical support and friendly, helpful factory customer service, sales and technical support.

Euromac is a worldwide supplier of high-quality machines for sheet metal working, using the most recent technologies to meet demanding market requirements for flexibility.

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