Punch Heads/Retainers are designed to resist breakage.

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TuffPunch® punch heads combine diameter and head thickness with blend radius between head and shank of punch, maximizing head end strength. The 10° angle around circumference of head's top surface eliminates lateral shock waves that could lead to head failure. TuffPunch Retainers match contour of head design and provide precise dowel locations for complete interchangeability. Optional hardened backing plate eliminates possibility of punch sinking into soft die shoe.

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TuffPunch® Products Eliminate Punch Head Breakage

Punch head breakage is not an uncommon occurrence when punching high strength steels in widespread use today. Compressive loading on a punch can generate extreme pressure to the punch head. When the punch penetrates the material and snap-through occurs the shock waves reverse. The sudden release of the load on the head can cause stress fractures leading to ultimate failure. The TuffPunch® was developed specifically to attack this problem.

TuffPunches have a larger diameter and thicker head with a larger blend radius between the head and shank of the punch. These features maximize the strength of the head end of a punch. The key to the success of the TuffPunch is a 10 degree angle around the circumference of the top surface of the head. The 10 degree angle leaves a flat surface equal to the punch shank diameter on the top of the head. This allows the forces to travel straight up through the head eliminating lateral shock waves in the head that can lead to failure.

Further insurance against head breakage is available on TuffPunches. Shear angles can be specified for the most demanding punching applications. Shear angles will further reduce loading on the punch head therefore minimizing the risk of breakage.

Now TuffPunch Retainers designed to perfectly match the contour of the new head design for optimum performance are available. They offer precise dowel locations providing complete interchangeability and ease of assembly. For maximum protection when punching extreme loads a hardened backing plate is available for the TuffPunch Retainer. The backing plate will eliminate any possibility of the punch sinking into a "soft" die shoe. This is particularly important with the increase in use of aluminum for die shoes. Together the TuffPunch and TuffPunch Retainer offer unparalleled protection against head breakage.

TuffPunch punches and retainers are the perfect solution for replacing problem punches where heads are breaking. They are also very good insurance when building new dies. Downtime can be extremely expensive. A little insurance from TuffPunch punches and retainers will go a long way to minimize the headaches of downtime for repair or replacement.

These are innovative application specific products developed by Dayton's designers, engineers and product managers continuing a long-standing tradition of innovation. All of the TuffPunch products are available in inch and metric sizes.

Catalogs are available detailing the availability and variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs. You can obtain catalogs at: info@daytonprogress.com

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